Hunted Reminiscense

Ariana Anderson is fatherless, 16 year old. She finds herself as a freshman in Carination High School in New Jersey. On a chance meeting with Charlie Rosedale, she finds herself falling for him. He finds himself in the same situation. Everything was fine for then until Ariana accident discovers who he is. Will they be able to get back to normal? Will Ariana be able to forget him?



Ariana's POV:

I stood outside in the steps of Carination high, snow falling, and wind blowing my hair gently in my face. The building has a logo of a swooping eagle clutching a Trident in its claws.

Before pushing the doors open, I checked my outfit for the last time. I wore combat boots with knee- ripped jeans, a grey crop top and a hooded zip jacket. All of it was black in colour. With a sigh, I pushed the doors open.

Charlie's POV:

The door opened and I felt heat on my back. I turned to see a raid of girls came pouring in. I was about to turn back to my locker when I saw her. All covered in black and shaking snow out her dark hair. I also noticed there was a blue streak running along her hair.

Something about her made me hold back and watch her. She looked like the odd one out, out of all the cliques of the girls, she stood out. She had something about her, that made me fell kind of attracted towards her.

Ariana's POV:

I looked around, scanning faces for directions.

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