Winx club is about all of the Winx, right? Bloom is all about bloom. Bloom's whole life story ever since she was born (with a twist and new characters). A Winx Club fanfic


3. Chapter 3: Finding Bloom

A/N: This will be in Bloom's new parents' view. If you've seen Winx Club, you know what I'm talking about. Enjoy. <3

The next morning, Bloom found herself in the middle of a burning building!!!

Bloom's new parents' view.

Mike (Bloom's new dad) was a firefighter. He got called for a fire in someone's shop. He went over there to help put out the fire, when he saw a beautiful baby girl in the middle of the burning building. She had some sort of globe around her, protecting her from the flames. Mike thought it was magic. Mike didn't know it, but he was right.

Sorry that this is short!!! I hope you like it so far!!! Thanks for reading!! Don't worry. It won't be over for like a year. Love you all fairies! Love: Winx Club Fan( Bigtime)

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