Winx club is about all of the Winx, right? Bloom is all about bloom. Bloom's whole life story ever since she was born (with a twist and new characters). A Winx Club fanfic


2. Chapter 2 the witches

It was another beautiful day on Domino. Everyone was relaxing and having a good time. Bloom was sleeping when she got woken up by a big BANG! She immediately started crying, and her sister Daphne came and picked her up. Bloom stopped crying, and was told that she had the power of the dragon flame in her.

After a few minutes, the ancestral witches came and tried to get Bloom. Daphne luckily escaped with Bloom, and sent her to Earth so she was safe. Daphne took on the witches with her parents, and they lost. Domino is now ice and snow with a ruined castle in the middle.the witches were having almost the time of their lives because they had defeated King Oratel, and Queen Marian. When I say almost, I mean they were furious that they never got the Dragon Flame.

A/N: Sorry that this is short fairies! I'm always trying, but sometimes stories don't work out as I plan them

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