Winx club is about all of the Winx, right? Bloom is all about bloom. Bloom's whole life story ever since she was born (with a twist and new characters). A Winx Club fanfic


4. author's note/Salina

In this chapter/authors note, I will mostly be telling you guys about when Bloom meets Salina and Eldora. If you have seen Season 6, you know who Eldora is. If you have liked and/or favourited, I would like to give you all a special thanks. 54 reads so far! Thanks! I will probably keep calling you guys "fairies", but if you disapprove, or don't like being called a fairy, please comment and I will stop. Sorry for the long authors note. I need a volunteer co-author that knows a lot about winx club. If u have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. :) sorry about the long authors note. :( storyyyy tiiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!<3

Bloom was now 5. She was walking in the park and doing the monkey bars when she saw a girl sitting all alone. Bloom went over to her, and they talked for a bit. B-Bloom S-Salina

The conversation: B Hi. S Hi. B My name is Bloom. S I'm Salina. B Nice to meet you Salina. S Nice to meet you too. B What's your favourite colour? S My favourite colour is black, what's yours? B My favourite colour is light blue. S Oh, okay.

End of conversation

After they were done talking, the went to Eldora's, Eldora is Salina's fairy godmother. They were playing in a gorgeous garden with flowers that looked like diamonds. Eldora told them that it was her favourite flower. Too soon, Eldora came to tell Bloom that it was time to go home.

AN: sorry if all of these authors notes are really annoying, but I am hosting a competition!!! If you want to be a character in this book just put these details(I will discuss your age with you):(eg)

Name: Flora

Hair colour: brown with a close to white brown ( I want details)

Hair length: to the middle of my back(The longest your hair can be is trailing 2 inches behind you, and the shortest is tecna's)

Hair style: brown hangs down my back and my close to white brown bangs are parted in the middle, and hang on each cheek

Eye colour: blue (you can say unnatural colours for everything except skin-tone)

Skin Tone: Peachish tan

School outfit: I forgot what Flora's outfit looks like(if you enter, you will be a fairy and go to alfea college for fairies

Fairy Level: mythix/bloomix(you can be magic Winx, charmix, enchantix, believix, harmonix, sitenix, and bloomix/mythix)

Describe your wings and fairy outfit

That is all! I will do a draw when I check the comments after I get home from Edmonton. I am staying at my Uncle Pete and Aunt Hammy's. Aunt might not remember me though. :( I cried when my mom told me that. She also said that it might take her a while to remember me, but at least she might remember me. I feel like I'm going to cry. I hope I didn't make you cry! I'm on the road! Bye Fairies!!! <3

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