The Cowgirl in the City

Llewellyn Scott (Lulu for short) is a wild country girl. Born and raised in the wild outback of Australia. But when her aunt forces her to move to Sydney to go to a school for young ladies, Llewellyn try everything possible to stay with her parents and her farm animals she loves till the end of the earth. Her aunt wins eventually and Llewellyn has to go.

There is a simple way to describe what she thinks about Sydney. She HATES it. All the preppy, fashionista's are nothing like th girls back in Llewellyn's home town. All they care about is hot boys, music, fangirling over the hottest bands and anything cute or adorable. The city isn't much better. People glare at her in the streets because of her country attire and her personality. It's the worst.

But everything changes when she meets a group of four boys at a day at the beach. They're cute, she'll admit that but she never would fall for one of them. Will she?

*Cover made by: C.H. Potter (check 'em out)*


8. Twenty Questions

"Alright so first question," Phoenix shifted to get more comfortable in her seat. "What's your favourite colour?"


"Any shade of green," I replied. "You?"


"It would have to be fuchsia. How old are you?"


"I'm seventeen and I turned seventeen a couple of months ago."


"I'm seventeen as well and my birthday's near the end of the year," Phoenix said. "When's your birthday?"


"July 27th, 1997. And your birthday is?" I questioned.


"November 5th, 1997. Can you play any instruments and if so, what are they?"


"Yes I can play many instruments and they are the guitar, accordion, banjo, fiddle, piano and the harmonica. Can you play anything?"


"I can play the flute, piano and saxophone but that's about it. Where in the world would you most love to visit?"


I thought about this one for a while before answering.


"Italy because it's a fascinating country," I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear before looking at Phoenix. "Where would you like to visit?"


"Honestly? It would have to be Paris because one, I'm part French, two, it's called the city of love for a reason and three, I've always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower!" Phoenix exclaimed in a dreamy voice. "Now onto the sixth question. What are your favourite subjects?"


"Music and P.E, you?"


"Mine would have to be Math, Science, Language, Art, Drama, Music, History and English."


"That's a fair bit don't cha think?" I stated.


"Not when you're as good at school as I am," Phoenix grinned. "What are your hobbies, past and present?"


"My hobbies are horseback riding, sheep herding, playing with my dogs Kipper and Ripper, watching T.V, helping my ma in th house, helping my pa on the farm, sleeping, eating, playing guitar and spending time with my friend Jace."


"Mine are reading, gardening, writing, doing chores (as crazy as it sounds), singing, dancing, being loud, listening to music as well as dancing to it, annoying my brother and volunteering at the Charity Shop."


"You sound like quite the goody-two-shoes," I said.


"That's what's makes me who I am and I love it," Phoenix smiled. "Onto question number eight, if you could have any pet in the world, mythical, extinct or real, what would it be?"


"For a mythical one I'd have to go with a three headed dog, extinct would have to be a Tasmanian Tiger and for a real pet, it would have to be a dog. And you?"


"For a mythical one, a Phoenix, hence my name, for an extinct pet I would choose a Saber-Tooth Tiger and for a real life pet, I would pick a koala because they're so cuddly!"


I chuckled at Phoenix's statement. It's true that koalas are adorable but they way she said it made me laugh.


"Next question," Phoenix continued. "What's your favourite place in the entire world?"


"That's easy," I smirked. "It would have to be home because there's no place better then where you grew up."


"Nice answer," Phoenix complimented. "Mine would have to be the library because that's where I pretty much live these days apart from my actual home."




"Okay now for the halfway question. What type of music are you into?"


"Mostly country hence that I am a country gal from the outback and as well as jazz. What about you?"


"Like any city girl that didn't grow up in the country, I would have to pick pop, rock, jazz, techno and anything hot. Who are your favourite bands or singers?"


"I'm honestly a fan of any country music but if I had to choose just one band or singer it would have to be Keith Urban."


"I actually have a few favourite artist and they are Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, One Direction (of course), 5 Seconds Of Summer, Little Mix and Jason Derulo," Phoenix said.


"I thought you said a few?!" I stated..


"Well...maybe more than a few," Phoenix smirked. "Next question, are you a virgin?"


"What kind of question is that?!" I exclaimed.


"Well it's always good to know if someone has had sex before," Phoenix mumbled.


"No it's not okay!" I replied, in shock. "Why would you ask that?!"


"I'm running out of ideas questions to ask okay?! Don't blame me!" Phoenix retaliated which caused me to burst into a fit of laughter.


"Okay, okay, sorry," I laughed, clutching my stomach.


After a while I stopped and looked at Phoenix who was giggling a bit.


"I admit it was a bit silly to ask that sort of question," Phoenix smiled.


"Well if it help, I am a virgin and proud. Don't wanna lose my virginity just yet," I replied, still chuckling a little. "What about you?"


" not really. I've had a few close calls with previous boyfriends but never actually had sex," Phoenix tucks a piece of hair behind her ear as she speaks.


"I didn't think you were the boyfriend type, since you're like a bookworm and all."


"Hey, a girl can dream right?"


I chuckled at her statement.


"Sure, whatever."


"Okay. Anyways, onto question number twelve. What's your favourite movie?"


"I actually have a heap of favourites but if I only could choose a few, they would be anything that makes me laugh, has action in it and a tad bit of romance. '21 Jump Street' for example."


"I would go anything made by Disney or Pixar because they're just awesome movie makers like, who wouldn't?!"


I slowly raised my hand with a silly, guilty face expression.


"HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE DISNEY OR PIXAR?!?" Phoenix exclaimed a little to loudly.


"Whoa! Hold your horses there darling'," I stated as girls passing by gave us weird looks. "I just guess that I'm not much of an animation fan."


"Well one day, we're going to have a movie day where I'm going to put on all the Disney and Pixar movies I own on and we will watch them all!"


"Whatever you say Phoenix."


"Okay then. Next question, what's you most prized possession?"


"It would have to be my favourite country hat. I got it when I was eight years old at the Arkaroola Annual Fair. I was playing this fair game where you had to knock own the glass bottles with a hard ball and I got the all down so I chose the hat. I've had it with me ever since. It was also the day when my aunt Joanna visited from America since I was three years old."


"Wow, must be a special hat then," Phoenix stated. "My most prized possession would have to be my painting kit I got for my ninth birthday from my father."


"Wasn't that the birthday when things went downhill for your parents?" I questioned.


"Yeah it was. You see my mother had always thought my father was an artist, which he was as a cover-up but his real job was a strip club owner, and for my birthday present, he gave me a painting kit. It came with an easel, brushes, paint, the lot. I've still got most of it 'till this day and I've treasured it like my own child or something," Phoenix said.


"Fair enough then," I nodded while pouting my bottotm lip. "What question next?"


"Well I was thinking of your best childhood memory. How does that sound?"


"Nice. My best memory as a kid would have to be when I met my best friend Jace. You see, it was picture day at school in kindergarten and I had stained my good dress my ma had prepared for me. So, Jace, being the kindest kid he was and still is, offered me his zip-up jacket to cover up the stain. I accidentally kept the jacket for a few more days before returning it and that was the day I saw Jace getting bullied by a few other kids. I stood up for him by punching on of them in the nose, not breaking it luckily, and they all fled. After that, we've been friends ever since."


"Awwww, that's so sweet," Phoenix gushed. "You seemed like quite the aggressive type back then."


"I still am but only when I get pissed off though," I replied.


"Language Llewellyn," Phoenix warned.


"Right, sorry," I apologized. "What's your best memory?"


"Well it would have to be when I received this gorgeous sapphire necklace from my boyfriend when I was ten years old. It was a fake necklace with fake sapphires of course but it had to me the most romantic and best thing that could've ever happened to me."


"That's so adorable!"


"I know right?! Anyways, three quarter question. If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?"


"Oh super power huh? I would pick.....having the ability to shape shift," I explained.


"Like morphing into another animal or object?" Phoenix questioned.


"Yeah, something like that."




"Well because one of the typical answers someone would've chosen would be flight so if I could morph into something that flew then I would have to worry about it."


"Good answer. I would pick the ability to turn invisible."


"And why's that?"


"Mainly because if I ever go to a One Direction or Taylor Swift concert, I could make myself invisible so I wouldn't need a ticket and I'd just walk straight trough and maybe get onto the stage secretly. It would be awesome!" Phoenix stated.


"Sounds cool but remember that I could change into anything I wanted so I wouldn't need invisibility powers to sneak onto stage or something," I said.


"True but still, I want the power to be invisible."


"Your choice, not mine."


"Okay, now sixteenth question, we're gonna get a random here from now on. If you could turn lesbian for any female celebrity, who would it be?"


"I'd have to pick Jennifer Lawrence because she's just beautiful."


"I can go with that," Phoenix nodded. "I'd have to choose Katy Perry because she's my idol so it's typical."


"Fair enough then," I said.


"To continue, have you ever been kissed by a boy before? Excluding your dad."


"I would have to say no because I guess I'm just waiting for the right one to come."


"Nice answer. I've had my first kiss and it was when I in sixth grade. I was playing a truth or dare game with some classmates and some of them dared me and this really cute boy to go somewhere private and kiss. Nothing intense, just a peck but it had to be on the lips. A few people watched in secret just to make sure that we did do it. We, the cute boy and I, became a couple soon after."


"Ohhh! Somebody was getting it on!" I teased in a jokingly matter.


"Shut up!" Phoenix retorted, nudging me slightly.


"Whatever," I chuckled.


"Alright, next question. Do you plan on getting married and having kids one day?"


"Yes I do actually. You?"


"Every girl does, even if they say they don't when they're younger. When I'm older, I want to have a hardworking husband, at least three or four kids and live in a nice house with a big area of land so the kids can play."


"That sounds really sweet," I smiled.


"It does doesn't it? But the struggle is just waiting for the right guy to come around and start a family with," Phoenix said. "Now the second-to-last question. Would you rather have a big head and small ears or a small head and large ears?"


"Small head a large ears because I'll be able to hear conversations better," I answered.


"Sneaky, I like it," Phoenix exclaimed. "I'm gonna choose the same for pretty much the same purpose."


"You cheater!" I stated, giving Phoenix a slight slap on the arm.


"Hey! I can't help it if I had the same answer too!" Phoenix chuckled. "Now, onto the last question."


"Let's hear it then," I smiled, placing my hands in my lap.


"What was it like? Moving from your home all the way to Sydney?" Phoenix asked.


My face dropped. Was I even ready to tell Phoenix about what happened? I had told Luke earlier today but that was different. I was in a frustrated mood then and I'm not now. Well, you know what they say in a situation like this. Y.O.L.O


"Moving from Arkaroola to Sydney was...very, very depressing," I started. "I'd always loved living on the farm and I figured that I would live there until my grave, but, that's not what happened. My aunt Clarisse, the one who brought me here, was my favourite aunt. We always used to play princess together when I was younger and she would dress me up because she loved me so much and when she moved to Sydney, I rarely got to see her anymore. She only visited for a few days ever  couple of months and I'd always have a blast with her but she was changing. She went from wild, fun aunt to strict, boring aunt in only six months. When she came to visit the farm a couple of days ago, I was excited like always to see her again but it was different this time."

"She said to me that I was to move with her here to Sydney until I finish school and learn how to be a lady. I looked to my parents for help so I could stay but they said that it was impossible. They had given me to my aunt for five hundred dollars and had signed that papers saying that they did. I was so furious and upset with them that I ran away on my horse, Rolly. And when I was riding Rolly, I crashed and went flying into a tree. I was unconscious for a few hours until my best friend, Jace, came and found me. I told him what had happened and we went back to the farm where my family was waiting for me. As I got inside, I got into a small argument with my ma and aunt until my pa took me into the kitchen. That's where he told me that he and my ma had sold the ranch to a hardware company because they were low on money. I was so devastated and mad at him that I ran up to my room and stayed there until I fell asleep. In the end, I had to move with my aunt here to Sydney and I'm giving her the hardest time so I can get back to the ranch as soon as possible. But I don't think that'll happen anytime soon."


I was in tears by the end of it and Phoenix was silent.


"Wow, I never would have guessed," Phoenix said quietly.


"Well what's done is done so I can't change anything now," I replied, wiping my eyes. "I just have to find a way to get at least enough money from here in Sydney to send to my parents so they can keep the ranch. I just haven't found a job yet though."


"Well there's always the coffee shop on Smithfield Road," Phoenix stated.


"Yeah but I want a job that pays well and is my type of thing."


"Well I can't think of any right now but I hope you find one soon."


"Yeah, I do too."


Just then, a blaring noise came from the school building. Students were hurrying back inside in groups of three to six or in pairs.


"Come on, let's get to class. Let me see your timetable," Phoenix said.


I grabbed my folded timetable out of my pocket and handed it to Phoenix. Her eyes scanned it and then she gave it back.


"So you've got Geography next and that's at the other end of the school, I'm in Chemistry and that's on this side. So, you go into the school's main building and walk until you reach the second left. You turn there and keep walking until you reach the toilets and the classroom should just be across from there," Phoenix explained. "Can you remember that?"


"I'm pretty sure I can," I replied as we began to walk.


"Well then, I hope you find it and good luck. I'll meet you outside you're classroom since I know my way around this school better and I'll get there quicker."


"Alrighty then, later Phoenix," I said as I began to quicken my pace. My class was at the other end of school (like Phoenix said) so I had to hurry.


"Later Llewellyn!" Phoenix called as she turned a corner.


I pushed the doors of the main building open and hurried to my Geography class. Twenty questions was fun! Now I just need to remember the directions Phoenix gave me and I'll be good to go.

Wait, was it the third left or second right? Oh crap. I'm already lost.

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