The Cowgirl in the City

Llewellyn Scott (Lulu for short) is a wild country girl. Born and raised in the wild outback of Australia. But when her aunt forces her to move to Sydney to go to a school for young ladies, Llewellyn try everything possible to stay with her parents and her farm animals she loves till the end of the earth. Her aunt wins eventually and Llewellyn has to go.

There is a simple way to describe what she thinks about Sydney. She HATES it. All the preppy, fashionista's are nothing like th girls back in Llewellyn's home town. All they care about is hot boys, music, fangirling over the hottest bands and anything cute or adorable. The city isn't much better. People glare at her in the streets because of her country attire and her personality. It's the worst.

But everything changes when she meets a group of four boys at a day at the beach. They're cute, she'll admit that but she never would fall for one of them. Will she?

*Cover made by: C.H. Potter (check 'em out)*


5. Never Calling It Home

As the train rattled along the tracks, I stared out the window with my guitar in my hands. I had woken up ten minutes ago and we still had fifteen minutes until we reached Adelaide. So I pretty much slept an entire hour with only half an hour until we got there. I wasn't really playing my guitar, I just had it sitting on my lap as I stared out the window as I watched the scenery blur past. I had already begun to miss the sandy desert town with it's great people and wonderful market. Not to mention the awesome food they made. The food was such a delicacy that you couldn't go there without trying some of it.

I let out a deep breath which fogged the window a bit but evaporated pretty quick. Clarisse had been in the bathroom for five minutes now and I wasn't too worried. She said she like the soap so I was guessing that she was having a private bath or something. Typical Clarisse. Everything must be perfect and lavishing for her as I'm pretty much fine with everything apart from anything that Clarisse likes.

Clarisse came back to the compartment two minutes later and rubbed her hands on her legs. I usually do that whenever I'm nervous.


"You alright there Clarisse?" I asked, just to get a conversation going.


"Fine thanks," she replied, biting her lips in concern.


"Fine does not mean fine," I stated. "The scale goes: great, good, okay, not okay, I hate you and then fine."


Clarisse smirked.


"You've always known how to make me smile Llewellyn, even when I'm at my saddest," she said looking at me. "I guess that I'm just worried that you won't like Sydney. It's a beautiful place and you'll love the moment you step foot off the plane."


"Well guess what? I already hate it," I exclaimed. "I mean, you took me away from my parents who are selling my home, you took me away from my greatest friend and all this is just so you wanted me to come a live with you in fucking Sydney!"


"Llewellyn! Language young lady!"


"First of all, I'm not a lady. I'm a wild, sassy, outback country girl, and secondly, I can what whatever the fuck I want!"


"Llewellyn, I'm warning you. Don't push your luck."


"Or what? You'll ground me? I'm not your damn daughter for peats sake!"


"I know that but I own you now. Any damage you do to yourself is my responsibility as well as your own!" Clarisse exclaimed.


"I've heard enough of this," I hissed and gripped firmly onto my guitar before headed out of the compartment.


"Llewellyn! Get back here!" Clarisse called.


I just ignored her and walked down the carriage until I got to the furthest compartment and went inside without checking if anyone was in there first. Luckily no one was. I sat down on the seat and put my guitar in my lap. I felt like singing so I strummed the guitar chords before bursting into song.


[Keith Urban: Better Life]

Friday night and the moon is high
 I'm wide-awake just watchin' you sleep
 And I promise you you're gonna have
 More than just the things that you need
 We ain't got much now, We're just startin' out
 But I know somehow paradise is comin'

 Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones
 Good luck's gonna shine
 Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones
 So hold on
 We're headed for a better life

 Oh now there's a place for you and me
 Where we can dream as big as the sky
 I know it's hard to see it now
 But baby someday we're gonna fly
 This road we're on, you know it might be long
 But my faith is strong
 It's all that really matters

 Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones
 Good luck's gonna shine
 Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones
 So hold on
 We're headed for a better life

 So hold on, hold on
 C'mon baby, hold on

 Yeah, we're gonna have it all
 And ooh

Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones
 Good luck's gonna shine
 Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones
 So hold on
 We're headed for a better life

Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones
 Good luck's gonna shine
 Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones
 So hold on
 We're headed for a better life

 Oh, a better life
 Hey we're gonna leave this all behind us baby, wait and see
 We're headed for a better life, you and me
 We're gonna break the chains that bind and, finally we'll be free
 We're gonna be the ones that have it all, you and me
 Just hold on tight now baby


As I strummed the last chord, I looked out the window. The scenery had changed to a city landscape. I wasn't in the country anymore, I was officially starting my city life. Even though I wasn't in Sydney yet.




I was waiting patiently as Clarisse was looking around a gift shop at the airport. We had taken a taxi to get here and the plane left at 12:45pm and the time was 12:25pm so we had roughly twenty minutes before departure. I'll admit I was nervous since it was my first time ever on a plane but once the two hour long flight was over and we got to Clarisse's house, I would fine.


I leaned my head against the wall as I saw my aunt's tight bun, reappearing every few moments when she was looking at souvenirs. It was so boring. I decided to wander into the shops as well, just to pass the time. I had wandered over to a spot with different necklaces and one caught my eye. It was this simple, silver, guitar pick necklace with an image of a guitar in the middle of it on a sliver chain.


I wanted to buy it there and then but all my hard earned savings are in my suitcase. Damn it!


"Like that one don't cha?" Clarisse said behind me.


I turned to face her and smiled weakly.


"Yeah, but I can't afford it," I complained.


"How 'bout I buy it for you as a welcoming gift for Sydney? Even though we're in Adelaide," Clarisse offered.


"Uhh...thanks I guess?"


She grinned and took the necklace off the rack before walking over to the register clerk and paying for it. Was she really doing this or was she trying to get on my good side? Either way, I still got that hot diggity necklace. Sounds selfish but whatever. Clarisse came back and handed to me and I put it on. The metal was cool against my skin.


"This doesn't get you on my good side you know," I stated bluntly. "All you did was buy me a necklace that I had my eyes on."


"What is your problem? Why are you extremely rude today?" Clarisse asked.


"Well let's see...maybe because you took me away from my family!"


"I'm just doing what's best for you."


"No you're not."


"Yes I am," Clarisse argued.


"Fine, whatever floats ya boat then!" I exclaimed and stormed off.


"Llewellyn!" Clarisse called.


I ignored her for the second time today and just kept walking. I ended up going to the female toilets and just looking at myself in the mirror. I let out a deep breath and sagged my shoulders. This is the crappiest day I've ever had in my entire life. I lifted my hat off of my head and patted my hair down before putting it back on.

I suddenly really had to go toilet so I went into a cubical and did just that before coming back out and washing my hands. That's when a girl with black hair entered the bathroom wearing a pair of short shorts, a galaxy tank top and sandals. When she saw me, she just snorted and hurried into a cubical before I heard her burst into a fit of giggles. The nerve of some people. I just leaned against the basin with my arms crossed as I waited for that girl to show herself. It was only three mere minutes until the girl came out and saw me waiting. She covered her face with her hand to not let me see her smile but I could tell that she was.


"What's so funny?" I questioned.


The girl turned on the tap and looked at me.


"N-nothing," she turned away, probably to hide her smile.


"The why are you laughing?"


"No reason."


"Oh please, you just think I look funny because of my country outfit. Well let me tell you something. You city girls have an even more worse clothing ideas."


"And what are they?" the girl scoffed.


"Well I'll just say this, you're gonna need some water for that camel toe."


The girl gawked and I just smirked as I waltzed out of there like a boss. I love it when I'm satisfied with my comebacks.

I found Clarisse waiting by our departure gate and bounced her knee nervously. I went over to her and sat on a seat across from her with my arms crossed and crossed one leg over the other. I glanced out the large window and saw a plane taking off. It looked cool somehow. I wonder what it felt like? I'd find that out soon though.


"Flight B26 for Sydney is now boarding," a voice over the intercom said.


"That's us," Clarisse stated and picked up her bag. "You coming?"


"I don't really have a choice do I?" I replied.


"No not really."


"Coming then."


I stood up and followed Clarisse to the desk where she handed the flight attendant our tickets and we boarded the plane. It smelt like something new mixed with the smell of warm nuts. Okay, fair enough then. Clarisse led me to a row of seats which I gladly took the seat nearest to the window with Clarisse next to me. She placed her handbag on the floor by her feet and put her phone on 'Flight Mode'. I did the same and pocketed it, along with my iPod. Clarisse showed me how to buckle my seatbelt as we then soon listened to the flight attendants on safety instructions and the exits. A voice rang out through the plane.


"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is you captain speaking and we will depart for take off very shortly. If you have any troubles, don't hesitate to ask our lovely staff and I hope you enjoy the ride."


I lay back in my chair and balanced my hat on my face. I felt someone nudging me so I lifted up my hat to see Clarisse staring at me with some gum in her hand.


"Here, chew on this as the plane takes off so your eardrums don't burst," she informed.


I sighed and took it from her and popping it into my mouth with my hat back on my face. Suddenly out of no where, I felt the plane jerk and start moving. I bolted up and put my hat on my head.


"Relax Llewellyn, it's just the plane starting to move so we can take off," Clarisse said. "Keep chewing your gum."


I nodded and held tightly onto my seat as the plane kept moving. I looked out the window and saw the landscape moving really fast. I relaxed my muscles and watched the plane move faster and suddenly lift off the ground. I gasped and furiously chewed on my gum which had started to lose it's flavour. The plane slowly rose and I looked back out the window. The ground was getting smaller by the second and eventually, all I could see was the vast, blue ocean. The plane wobbled a bit but soon calmed down and I heard a 'ding' from the intercom.


"We have now reached cruising altitude, you are now free to walk about the plane," the captain said.


I let my breath go. I didn't even realize I was holding it. I looked over to Clarisse who had taken a book out of her handbag called 'Divergent'. It seemed like she had Mary Poppins' bag or something because she pretty much had a house in there possibly. I spat my piece of chewed up gum into a rubbish bag and grabbed my iPod from out of my pocket and plugged in my headphones and continued Keith Urban's songs from the train. My eyelids slowly closed and I drifted off into a peaceful nap. How was I this tired though? I'm pretty sure I got enough sleep last night. Meh, who cares. Sleep is sleep.




I was woken up by a finger poking me. I moaned and slowly opened my eyes. I saw my aunt looking at me with another piece of gum in her hand. Right, I was on a plane. I forgot. I thanked her and put the gum into my mouth just as the captain spoke.


"We are now approaching the Sydney airport. The weather is clear and sunny with no clouds in sight. I hope you've enjoyed your flight and please stayed seated until we have come to a complete stop."


I sighed. I was so far away from my family and Jace that it was depressing. I chewed on the piece of gum strongly as the plane descended. My stomach back flipped several times and I saw the ground becoming bigger and bigger out the window. The ground was coming closer and closer and I feared that we were going to crash but the plane had landed safely on the runway stretch with a slight thud. The plane moved along the runway until it started to slow down and turn around to the docking station. As the plane came to a full stop, I waited patiently for the signal that we could leave. I heard a newly familiar dinging sound and the captain spoke.


"Thank you for flying with QANTAS. Please enjoy your visit and welcome to Sydney."


Never in a million years would I enjoy my stay here.




Clarisse was on the phone and talking to someone. I don't know who though. I was waiting for my bags to come along the conveyer belt because I did need my clothes after all and my guitar was practically my life. I saw my suitcases and guitar case coming as soon as they were in view and I picked them up as they passed me. I glanced back over to Clarisse who had just hung up on the phone and was walking over to me over to me.


"My friend Meghan is on her way here to take us back to my place," Clarisse said. "I hope you like your room."


"You mean I have my own room?" I questioned.


"Of course you do silly, every girl needs her space."


I smiled and picked up my bags.


"Did you get mine?" Clarisse asked.


"Yours is coming now, I think," I replied.


I looked over at the rubber flaps as sure enough, Clarisse's purple suitcase was coming into view along with her hot pink duffel bag. She grabbed them as the passed and looked back at me.


"Ready to go?" she stated.


"As ready as I'll ever be."


She smiled before walking towards the front doors as her heels clicked on the tiled floors. I followed her to the glass doors and took a deep breath before stepping out into the warm summer air of Sydney. My so-called new life begins here.




"So you must Llewellyn right?"


Clarisse's friend, Meghan had turned around in her seat and faced me as we waited for the traffic lights to change colour. Meghan had black hair, brown eyes and pink lips. She had her nails painted red and she was wearing a lawyer outfit. I'm pretty sure these two met at work.


"Yeah, I am," I smiled so she would get a good first impression of me.


"I like you accent."


"What do you mean accent?"


"I mean your country accent, I like it," Meghan explained, smiling.


"Thanks," I replied, moving a strand of hair behind my ear.


"Meghan, the light's green," Clarisse said.


"On we go then," Meghan stated as she turned back to face the front and changed the gears as the car moved along the roads.


Meghan drove along asking me questions along the way just to get to know me better. I replied with brief answers but that was enough for her. She seemed nice, for a city chick. No offense of course.

Eventually, we reached Clarisse's house and it was HUGE. The house was two stories tall that looked like three stories because of the attic. There was a little garden out the front and one of those small seat swings in the front porch. It also had one part of the house that looked like a princess tower. Like damn, it looked amazballs.



"Cool huh?" Clarisse smiled.


"Hell yeah!" I exclaimed and shot out of the car, closing the door behind me.


I stared up at the big house. This is where I was going to live?! I loved it already! (Strangely enough)


"Llewellyn, could you help us with the bags please?" Clarisse called from the back of the car.


"Uh huh," I replied vaguely and went to help.


I heaved one of the bags out and put it on the floor with the others. Meghan was still in the front seat of the car.


"I've got to get back to work, you girls get settled in and I'll be back to check on you tomorrow!" Meghan yelled from the window as I closed the trunk.


"Okay then, thank you!" Clarisse and I said.


"No problem, bye!"


Meghan drove off down the street and turned left at the next corner. I glanced back at the house and beamed.


"Can we get inside already?!" I stated.


"Well pick your bags up then and follow me," Clarisse replied and strutted off.


I followed in pursuit with my suitcases wheeling behind me with my guitar strapped to my back. Clarisse opened the door with her keys and went inside. I followed and gasped at what was in store. The foyer was sealed with blue walls that had pictures along them of time passing by, a fancy looking light was hanging from the ceiling and the stairs had a patterned carpet on it. This was just for starters.


"Wanna see your room?" Clarisse asked.


"Is that even a question?" I chuckled and ran upstairs, leaving my bags behind as well as my guitar case, with Clarisse laughing behind as she followed me.


Clarisse instructed for me to tale the second flight of stairs up so I did and then she told me to stop on this small landing where a singular, white, wooden door was waiting. I realized that we were standing outside of a door of a room in the tower part of the house.


"This is your room in here," Clarisse said. "Wanna see what's inside?"


I didn't even answer because my hand was already on the knob and I twisted it. The door swung open and I face fell when I saw what was my so-called bedroom. There's only a few words to describe the interior. It was awful. The walls were pink and there was this queen-sized bed with a see through veil hanging from the roof over the headrest. Small mirrors were placed each side of the bed and there was this white rug on the floor on the polished, wooden floor. The bed cover was pink as well and there were these chairs that had pink cushioning. It was like a princess room but for a teenager. I was mortified at the petrifying site.


(Just imagine this much bigger) 


"Do you like it?" Clarisse smiled as she bit her lip.


"I don't know what to say," I replied in shock.


"I knew it would make you speechless!"


"Speechless as in the fact that I hate it?! It looks awful!"


I turned my head around and looked at my aunt with a disgusted look on my face.


"B-but I thought---" Clarisse started.


"You thought what? Thought I was still that little, innocent six year old who still played with her Barbie's?!" I exclaimed. "I'm not a child anymore!


Clarisse's expression was upsetting.


"I thought you would've like this."


"Well you know what thought did? Thought he farted and he shit himself."


"Llewellyn! There is no need to speak like that to me!"


"I don't give a fuck," I stated and slammed the door in her face.


I screamed in anger and looked around the room. Now that I was was in it, I could see more of this disgusting place. There was another white door, that when I opened it, led to an en suite, on the far left side there was this fairly large wardrobe with sliding doors that had body length mirrors on them so I could see what I looked like, this fairly large flat screen T.V (that's good I guess) and wooden letters on the wall that said 'PEACE'. I can't believe this is happening right now.

I screamed once more in anger and opened one of the windows. I looked out and saw the roof right next to me. I suddenly felt rebellious and grabbed tightly on the window frame and pulled myself up. I then carefully put one foot on the roof tiles and step onto it. It did the same with my other foot and cautiously walked along the roof to a small, flat platform of roof. I sat down on that spot and wrapped my arms around my legs and stared out into the horizon. I could see Bondi Beach from here and it wasn't very far. I could also smell the salt in the air as a slight wind brushed past me. I sighed. I miss the ranch and everything in it. The trees, the animals, the dirt, everything you could think of.


"I'm never going to call this place my home," I mumbled to myself as I watched the sun slowly start to sink beyond the horizon as it's it rays shone on my face.

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