The Cowgirl in the City

Llewellyn Scott (Lulu for short) is a wild country girl. Born and raised in the wild outback of Australia. But when her aunt forces her to move to Sydney to go to a school for young ladies, Llewellyn try everything possible to stay with her parents and her farm animals she loves till the end of the earth. Her aunt wins eventually and Llewellyn has to go.

There is a simple way to describe what she thinks about Sydney. She HATES it. All the preppy, fashionista's are nothing like th girls back in Llewellyn's home town. All they care about is hot boys, music, fangirling over the hottest bands and anything cute or adorable. The city isn't much better. People glare at her in the streets because of her country attire and her personality. It's the worst.

But everything changes when she meets a group of four boys at a day at the beach. They're cute, she'll admit that but she never would fall for one of them. Will she?

*Cover made by: C.H. Potter (check 'em out)*


4. Goodbye For A Long Time



A fist pounded on my door.




I groaned.


"Go away!"




"Llewellyn! Get up! We leave in an hour and a half!" Clarisse yelled from the other side of the door.


"I told you I'm not going to Sydney with you!" I retorted.




"GO AWAY!" I shouted, arching my back.


Pain rushed up my arm and I yelped. I looked down and remembered I had my make-shift cast on from last night that Jace made.


"Get downstairs now Llewellyn! I've made breakfast so hurry up before it gets cold!" Clarisse exclaimed in a demanding tone.


I heard the sound of footsteps thundering down the steps before collapsing back onto my pillow. I huffed. So today was the day huh? The day the devil took me to the city. I already hated it even when I wasn't even there yet. I slowly moved out of my bed and walked over to my wardrobe. I looked inside and saw that I had barely any clothes inside since they were all packed. I puffed. What to wear? What to wear?

I finally decided on a white and blue top with horses on it, blue jeans along with my belt and my boots. I also grabbed one of my favourite country hats and gave my hair a quick brush before putting it on. I opened my bedroom door and trudged downstairs to the dining room where my breakfast was waiting. I sat in one of the chairs and stared at my food as I poked it with my fork. Clarisse had made me some eggs with some bacon. I didn't want to touch it though, she might have put a sleeping draught in it to put me in a deep sleep so I'd wake up in Sydney without any arguments on why I should stay.


"Lulu, stop playing with your food and eat it sweetie," ma said as she was watching my from the kitchen.


"But what if she's poisoned it with a sleeping draught to send me to sleep so I'd wake up in Sydney without any complaints?" I stated.


"She didn't," mum sighed.


"But what if she did?" I argued.


"Llewellyn! Stop arguing and eat! Clarisse didn't put anything in it so hurry up and devour it like you always do," ma exclaimed, starting to get aggravated.


"Jeez, calm your horses," I retorted and began to eat. I smirked a bit when she mentioned that I devour food though.


I just there eating my breakfast when I heard a screech from upstairs. I almost jumped out of my skin.




I think aunt Clarisse has found my cut up top. Yikes. This'll be fun.

Feet came crashing down the stairs and when my aunt came into view, I sounded like I was choking because of her appearance. Her hair was frizzy, her face was red and her eyes were bulging! She was so angry.


"What is this!?!" Clarisse held up the top which was split in two.


"Uhh...a top," I acted nonchalant about even though I was trying to hide my smile.


"Not just any top," Clarisse hissed. "This is the top I got you for Christmas last year which was VERY EXPENSIVE!!!"


"I never liked it anyways," I replied, going back to eating my food so I wouldn't show my amusement.




"Well I lied, didn't I?"


"Girls, that's enough!" pa shouted, breaking the tension. "Llewellyn, why did you do that?"


"Because, how else was I suppose to get the damn thing off?! I don't see you coming up with any ideas," I stated.


"Llewellyn, go to your room," ma ordered.


"Uh, fine!" I groaned and left my unfinished meal on the table as I walked upstairs.


As I entered my room, I flopped onto my bed and picked up my phone from charge. Ma must've put it on charge for me last night, thank goodness. I dialed Jace's number and waiting four rings before someone answered.


"Jace's phone, Phoebe speaking," Jace's older sister, Phoebe, had answered the call.


"Hey Phoebe, it's me. Lulu," I replied.


"Oh hey Lu, Jace told us about your aunt," Phoebe sounded sad.


"Awesome right? I can't believe I going to the stinkin' city!" I exclaimed.


"Well on the plus side, you'll be in freakin' Sydney!"


"That's even worse."


"And why's that?"


"Because, you know me. I'm more of a western, dirty, messy girl not a high society, elegant, preppy chick."


"You could at least give it a chance Lu," Phoebe said. "I've always dreamed of visiting Sydney and you finally get to live the dream I've wanted to live."


"Yeah but that's not the point Phoebs!" I stated. "I just want to continue to go to school here at Arkaroola Village High, not some bloody 'Lady Mary's' or whatever."


"Oh come on, wouldn't it be nice to experience some new adventures in another place?"


"I have and can experience many adventures here so I don't need to go nowhere else."


"Fine, Jace is here. Let me put him on and you can talk to him," Phoebe stated.


"Thanks Phoebe," I smiled.


"No worries," I heard the sound of the phone being passed to someone before a familiar voice spoke. "Hello?"


"Hey Jace, it's Llewellyn."


"What's wrong?" Jace always knew how I was feeling even when we were only a couple of metres away from each other.


"My family," I replied bluntly.


"What did they do?"


"They took sides with my aunt."


"Is it that bad?" Jace questioned.


"Nah, it's all unicorns and freakin' rainbows. Of course it's bad!" I exclaimed.


"How about taking a deep breath before continuing your rant, okay?" Jace suggested.


"Okay," I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.




"Not really."


"Well come meet me halfway along the track and you can tell me more there," Jace said.


"Alrighty then, I'll see you there. Bye."




I hung up on the phone and pocketed it. I ran downstairs, ignoring the comments from my family members and rushed out to the stables. I might as well enjoy my last minutes here on horse back 'cause that's not something you can do in the city.

I saddled Rolly up and made him go into a gallop as soon as we were out of the stables. My hat blew off of my head and caught around my neck. It wasn't choking me don't worry. My hair blew around in the wind like it was finally free. The wind rushed against my face and the thundering of Rolly's hooves comforted me. I loved this feeling.

It took me five minutes to get to the track. It's this dirt road that leads to a great fishing spot and Jace and I always meet there when we need to talk. Jace arrived at the track two minutes later on his horse, Splash. Jace chose that name because that horse loves to swim and always causes the biggest splashes.



Jace rode up next to me and stopped. His bright blonde hair shone in the sunlight.


I smiled when I saw him but it didn't last long.


"Wanna talk?" Jace asked when he saw my smile fade.


"Nah, I just wanna sit here on Rolly and look at you funny. Of course I wanna talk!" I stated sarcastically.


"Wow Lulu, you have gotten quite agro these past few days," Jace smirked.


"Well how would you feel if you were moving away from your hometown?"


We started walking our horses in a slow trot, towards the fishing spot.


"I guess I'd feel pretty bummed and not to mention that they're selling the ranch too," Jace said.


"Please don't remind me, I have big enough problems as it is," I sighed.


"And what problems are they?"


"Well for starters, I need to find a way to be able to help my parents from Sydney to get the money they need to keep the ranch and secondly, I need to find out a way to stay here."


"Wait, how would help your parents gain all that money?"


"I don't know, get a job or something. I just need a miracle that is wealthy enough to be able to pay the debt," I explained.


"Well I'm always here to help you if you need it Lu," Jace smiled warmly.


"But how would you help my in Sydney huh?"


"Well I wouldn't be able to but I have a cousin that attends 'Lady Mary's' called Lotus. She really nice and loves to help anyone in need of a hand."


"What's she look like?" I asked.


"Well she's like the rest of my family. Blonde hair and bright blue eyes, nothing out of the ordinary," Jace stated.


"I'll keep a look out then."


As we neared the fishing spot, I could hear the water rushing against the rocks.


"Hear that?" Jace questioned.


"The sound of the water rushing? Yeah of course I do," I replied.


"No, not that," Jace said. "It's the sound of the water fairies."


"Water fairies? Really Jace?" I exclaimed, looking at him. "You read Penelope too many story books."


"I'm serious!"


"Sure, sure."


I chuckled and shook my head. Jace can be so childish sometimes and that's one of the flaws I love about him. In a friend way of course.

We stopped our horses by the river bed and jumped off and sat down next to each other. It was peaceful and I liked it.


"Hey Llewellyn?" Jace questioned.


"Yeah?" I replied.


"How do you feel about getting wet?"


"Not really fussed actually. It's water, it'll dry. Why do you ask?"


"Because I wanted to do this!"


Jace put his hand in the water and splashed me. I gawked and looked at him. That water was heaps cold.


"You'll pay for that shorty!" I exclaimed and splashed him back.


From just a quiet talk, this turned out to be a water fight. Jace and I had taken off our shoes and socks and rolled up out jeans as we ran around in the water, splashing each other. We laughed for so long, my sides started hurting. We were soaking wet! Eventually, I had to get going so we collected our things and got back on out horses.


"Wanna race back to the ranch?" I suggested as I turned Rolly around.


"You're on hot shot," Jace smirked.


"On three," I said and started to count down. "THREE!"


I signalled for Rolly to start galloping and Jace was dumbfounded and slowly realized what I did before he and Splash galloped after me and Rolly. I laughed and held tightly onto the reins as Rolly went as fast as he could go. We turned left and right then left again before we were on the home stretch back to the ranch.


"You're going down hot shot!" Jace called from not far behind me.


"We'll see about that shorty!" I retaliated as Rolly went faster.


The beat of Rolly's footsteps seemed to take me to another place when I was riding him. It was the greatest feeling ever. I just love the feeling of horse riding! The wind was rushing against my body so my wet clothes were dry in no time.

As we neared the stables, I slowed Rolly down and pumped my fist into the air.


"I BEAT YOU!" I shouted.


"Only because I let you win," Jace stated as he caught up.


"As if! I beat you fair and square!"


"Whatever floats your boat."


I chuckled and shook my head. Jace probably did lose on purpose but I still won though. I got off of Rolly and led him to his stable were I had kept him for the past ten years. I gave him a nice long brush and gave him a refuel of his food and water. I also gave him a carrot and a sugar lump since this might be the last time I see him. It was depressing but I least I'd remember the good times we've had together. I stroked Rolly one more time on the nose and left him alone. Goodbye Rolly, I'm gonna miss ya mate.

Jace and I walked into the house where my aunt and my parents had all my stuff packed and downstairs waiting. I suddenly felt daggers in my heart. This was really happening, wasn't it? My two suitcases were down here as well as my black guitar case with my guitar in it. I looked up at my parents.


"I'm really going aren't I?" I questioned, sadly.


"Yes you are sweetheart," ma nodded with glassy eyes.


I hung my head and went to give her a hug. She didn't hesitate and returned it straight away.


"Ma?" I said.


"Yes Lu?"


"Yesterday, when aunt Clarisse said that she wanted you to raise me as a lady but you didn't, did you ever try to?"


"To raise you as a lady? Soon after we singed the papers, yes, but however, we failed to do so, so we raised you up how we wanted you to be."


"And I'm grateful you did."


"Okay! Is everything ready?" Clarisse interrupted.


"Yes it is Clarisse, everything is down here and about to be placed in the car," pa said.


"Well let's do it shall we!"


I just nodded slowly and realised my ma and helped with the bags. Kipper and Ripper kept running around our feet as we made the many journeys to the car and back as they wanted me to play with them. This is another thing I'm going to miss, no Kipper and Ripper meeting me at the gate when I'm home from school. I think I'm going to miss them and Rolly the most.

As pa heaved the last bag into the car, (along with my help) we all piled into the car. Ma in the passenger seat whilst pa drove, Clarisse in the back while Jace and I had pulled up the seat in the boot and sat in those. It was a tight squeeze but we managed. I had given the dogs a good belly rub before I got into the car though so that was okay.



As pa started the car, I looked out the window and closed my eyes as I went down memory lane. I smiled at the memory of meeting Jace here when he said the he was pirate hunting and I joined in. It was the day we became (official) friends. As the car lurched forward and started moving, I opened my eyes as they ranch started to disappear out of sight.

Goodbye home, nothing will be the same without you and I promise that I'll try and pay off those evil taxes. But until then, this is goodbye.




When we were almost in town, Jace turned to me and whispered.


"You know you can take that bandage off now."


I looked at him strangely.


"Aren't I suppose to keep it on for about two weeks?"


"Well by the looks of work you've doing and games you've been playing, I think you're now fine without it."


I looked at Jace who had a smile on his face.


"Here, let me help you," Jace said as he grabbed the end where the bandage was.


He slowly unravelled it and took the stick away. I began to move my arm up and down and twist it. It felt completely painless.


"Nice," I muttered. "Thank you Jace."


"Anything for my best friend."


I smiled at him as the car stopped and we all got out. Jace and I last since we were sitting in the boot. We had arrived at the train station where my aunt and I would catch a train to Adelaide where we would then book tickets for our flight to Sydney. This all took about three and a half hours but apparently it was worth it. I hope it was.

As we got our bags out of the car and walked out to the train, I sighed. I was only just mere moments away from leaving my family, hometown and best friend. It was heartbreaking and I didn't like it one bit. I put my luggage down by a nearby seat and sat down and waited for the train. This was going to be a painful goodbye. For all of us. My pa saw my expression of sadness and sat down next to me. He intertwined our hands I smiled weakly before resting my head on his shoulder. I let out a breath of air.


"I'm gonna miss you pa," I choked as I could feel the tears coming.


"I am too devil, I am too," pa replied.


"Ma told me that when aunt Clarisse told you to raise me as a lady, you failed and decided to raise me as what I am," I said.


"That's right," pa smiled. "You see, your aunt tried to make us raise a lady but we won. We, your ma and I, raised a lady who wouldn't take shit from anyone."


I giggled and kissed his shoulder. My pa only ever cussed a few times a day but that was it. I also cuss but only I only do it when I need to.


"I love you pa," I stated.


"I love you too sweetheart," pa replied and kissed my hair.


Just then, a whistle blew from somewhere nearby.


"The train" I muttered.


"Seems like it," pa looked me in the eyes and grinned warmly. "Come on, let's get you on that train."


I nodded meekly and followed him as he walked over to my aunt, ma and Jace. They all looked depressed apart from aunt Clarisse who was beaming.


"I'm so glad you're coming with me to Sydney, Lulu! We're going to have so much fun! We're gonna go shopping, eat at fancy restaurants---" Clarisse ranted.


"Just hold on a second there Clarisse," I interrupted. "First off, you are not allowed to me Lu anymore since you lost that privilege yesterday when you took me from my family. Secondly, I am not going to have any sort of fun with you. I'm not gonna go shopping, eat at expensive restaurants or anything like that. I'm my own person and I've got my own rules as well."


"And what would they be?" Clarisse asked, folding her arms.


"Number one, no bringing me on unplanned shopping trips that I don't know about, number two, don't buy me clothes that I won't wear and that I don't like, number three, I get my own room and you have to knock on my door before coming in as a respect of privacy and last but not least, don't try and raised me like a lady. I got raised by my parents who told me not to take shit from anyone. Got that?" I exclaimed, sternly.


Clarisse glared at me for a moment before opening her mouth.


"Fine, but at least let me take you on a shopping trip at least once a month and to a fancy restaurant twice a month."




"Good," the train had pulled to a stop and Clarisse smirked. "Our ride has arrived."


Clarisse grabbed her suitcases and took them aboard the train. My heart sank. This was it. This was the moment I leave everything I've ever loved and will always love behind. I turned to my parents and Jace who were all teary eyed. A few tears formed in my eyes too as I gave them the biggest hug I could give them.


"I l-love you guys so much," I sobbed.


"Not as much as we love you sweetie," ma replied, choking on her tears and pulling away so I could face them all.


"Just remember to make us proud and get good grades," pa said.


"And if anyone pisses you off, give them a piece of ya mind hot shot," Jace smirked, nudging my arm with his hand.


"I will," I smiled weakly and blinked away my tears.


The train whistle blew, signalling for the last call to aboard.


"Llewellyn, come on!" Clarisse called from a compartment window.


"Coming!" I shouted back before looking back at m parents and best friend. "I'll you miss you all."


I engulfed them all in one last hug before I pulled away and dragged my suitcase and guitar case onto the train. I rushed to Clarisse's and my compartment and opened my window and started waving frantically.




"WE LOVE YOU TOO!" ma and pa replied, waving.




"BYE!" I shouted one last time before the train started moving and I caught one last glimpse of their faces before they disappeared for who knows how long.


I sank into my seat and sighed before standing back up and putting my suitcases on the luggage racks. After I did that, I sat back down and looked at my aunt who was smiling like a maniac.


"You are going to love Sydney, Llewellyn!" Clarisse exclaimed. "We're gonna see the Opera house, the Sydney Harbour bridge, Luna Park, the---"


I didn't hear anything else of what she said because I had put my earphones in and played Keith Urban's 'Fuse' album. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the window with my country hat over my face, slowly drifting off to sleep

 So here I am, on my way to hell. Let's hope I can come back sooner then later.

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