Over a hundred years ago a curse was put on two werewolf packs by a powerful witch with a bad grudge. One white wolf and one black wolf from the different packs will be mated. They will be the most different of people. If they over come their 'differences' the packs will be joined.... If not the witches win.


7. First Sight

Griffin's POV

I take a seat in the Dusk werewolf's Alpha throne. Laughs from happy werewolves filled the night. The corners of my mouth twitched up in a smile. This was a happy night. I liked seeing the packs together in one place without ripping each other's throats out. Although to be entirely honest, might as well be a wall between the two packs because they stayed divided, not exchanging any words of greeting, hate, or acknowledgement.

There was a bright orange burning fire right in the middle. Three familiar Alpha girls from my pack eyed the Alpha of the Dawn pack. I followed their jealous stare to a regal young woman sitting proudly with her chin held high but her eyes closed. She had incredibly long jet black hair the framed her pale face. She wore a cute short black dress and black leather knee high boots. She definitely fit the image of someone important. A silver crown sat proudly upon her head and a gleaming blue moon stone was glowing in the center.

At that moment her eyes opened revealing the most captivating shade of blue I had ever seen. My jaw dropped slightly. Her eyes were so blue that they were nearly clear. Just then she noticed I watched her. She looked away and a curtain of black hair hid her blushing face. Not very social, I see.

The other alpha boys watched the Alpha girls and argued over who would get who. I watched the Alpha across from me trying not to draw attention. Her features were flawless and perfectly sculpted into her pale marble skin. Beautiful. I wonder what she looks like in wolf form?

I started to feel the moon rising to its apex above our heads. I felt the power it brought all lycanthrope. I felt it serge through my veins like a runaway train. I felt the new buzz of the moonstone supplying me with the urge to walk forward and let it guide me to my sole mate.

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