Save me

About how an 18year old girl her name Is lily and she is abused by her dad and se moves with her brother to live with there aunt and finds her true love. But what happens when she finds some secretes? Read more


1. abuse & sadness

Liliannas pov.

So I'm ganna tell you a little about my self. I'm 18, about 5-5 yes I'm short. I have long brown straight hair, and hazel eyes. Me and my little brother have been moving. in and out of foster homes since my mom died and then my dad started to take care of us. At our old foster house I was kicked out. There's a guy named Niall, both his parents died in a car crash he is lucky he is alive. He was my best friend, but until things got bad.

There was another foster child there, her name was Marianna. She always thought there was something between me and Niall but there never was. So got so jealous that she told our caseworker that me and Niall where dating, when foster siblings can't date it's against rules.

After that he got moved to England and I'm now back in new jersey. This suck ass city. ( no efface to anyone who lives in nj)

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