My Best Friend is Better than Yours

Have you ever wondered what a world would be like without your best friend? I know it's hard because they are always there for you they know everything about you. You can always text them and they know you like the back of your hand. But what would you do without them. Here's the title My Best Friend is Better than Yours.


2. r u ok?


"Ok so do you want to paint nails?"said me (aka Destiny). "Not really," said Jessica. "Umm do you want to talk to me about what happened," said me. "Can I text it to you instead it's easier?" Said Jessica. "Of course,".

Me: hey are you ok?

Jessica: we'll no tbh

Me: tell me what happened

Jessica: so Tyler wanted to do a guys nights with his friends instead of hanging out with me and I said, " yeah have fun!"and then my friend was next door and apparently his friends were saying that I used to be an awful person and that he should break up with me

Me: that's awful

Jessica: Ikr so he believed them and I've changed and you know I have so he said we'll I don't want to date a doosh bag like you so that's that.

Me: do you want some ice cream

Jessica: yeah and can we watch The Hunger Games and Catching Fire plz

Me: sounds great

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