Fighting chance

Carly mason is the prettiest most popular girl at liberty high school and has everything until one day she gets into a tragic car accident and is wheelchair bound can she survive?

This is my original story


3. Recovery

Carly's mom wheeled her down to the Hospital café in a older hospital caramel latte and one? Iced Mocha said nick.I'll have a chocolate capichino Carly pipped you holding up? Fine she replied. Well your chair should be here soon so we can get you out of here.i don't want to leave... Her voice was cracking.sweetheart your life can't just stop because of this.your right nick I promise I'll try said Carly sort of determined.when she got back to her room there was a woman with brown curls and hazel eyes standing next to a purple wheelchair.My name is Jessica banks and I'm your physical therapist.hey Carly said with a you are going home tomorrow and you will need to get used to your chair so I thought we could take a stroll down the hall.Carly managed to get out of the old chair and crawled over to the new one with all her might.Here said Jessica I've got you pulling her up into her new chair where I'll be spending the rest of my life she thought oh goody.Now put your hands on the top of the rubber end of the wheel and reach down to the spokes instructed Jessica.Carly tried but couldn't get the wheel to turn.come on you can do this just pull.ok said Carly with one pull she moved an inch further.keep going said Jessica.She pulled again but the wheel wouldn't budge.Carly took another tug at the wheel and she was able to take off.She went so fast that she got out the door but fell out of the chair in the process.Jessica rushed outside to check on her.are you alright she asked.lying face down on the concrete she pushed herself up.Im fine she replied looking very disappointed.its ok said Jessie.up you go come on when she got back into the chair she wheeled herself back to her room and sighed.I wanna go home Carly sobbed.ok sweetie said mrs.mason walking in you have to get your X-ray tomorrow mourning and then you are free to go.Mrs.mason tucked Carly into bed and kissed her.hows she doing asked nick.fine but wait until tomorrow to go in and see her she's very tired and she's had a very long day.Emma said nick she'll get through this she has to he hugged her.Night fell and mourning came.Carly ate breakfast in the cafe.toast and eggs sunny side up and whipped yoplait strawberry yogurt with granola just the way she always liked it.Ok got everything packed up asked nick.yes mrs.mason answered without looking at him.As Carly spooned the last bite into her mouth she heard a voice calling her name.Carly shouted the girl it was the same one who she had help that day on the football field.Hey Carly said politely trying to hide the embarrassing look of stupidity on her face for being seen in a wheelchair.

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