Fighting chance

Carly mason is the prettiest most popular girl at liberty high school and has everything until one day she gets into a tragic car accident and is wheelchair bound can she survive?

This is my original story


8. Liv Life Lasting

Carly got ready that mourning and headed down to the basketball court .Hey said Saige Go pass out the lemon squares over there on that table.She wheeled herself over to the picnic table filled with Glasses plates and spoons.After grabbing the plate of lemon squares she started handing them out.Thanks said Nichole sweetly.Hey said a familiar voice.Hello said Carly politely.Im Sunshine Abernathy said the girl with 10 inch crutches.You saw me at the Hospital she thought to herself but didn't say it out loud for fear of awkward tension.After getting out into the court and wheeling around for about an hour she did something amazing.Carly! Shouted Sunshine amazed I've never done that.Wow I've seriously never seen anything that Awsome said Blake Henderson a weird 20 year old ginger haired stud with spastic diplegia. Hey he said when he came over to her.She felt her heart skip a beat so much so she fell out of her chair.Here said Blake offering his hand to help her up. Hey look you could be Michel Jordon. From then she knew that she could still have friends.

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