Fighting chance

Carly mason is the prettiest most popular girl at liberty high school and has everything until one day she gets into a tragic car accident and is wheelchair bound can she survive?

This is my original story


4. Home adjustments

As they wheeled Carly in the living room everything to her was the same. The love seats the flat screen tv even the smell of burning food it all felt sort of familuer but the one thing that did not was the wheelchair though it fit the sporty type of person she was it would never make her feel the same as having full physical ability.Ok said nick you've got to learn how to get yourself around now Carly we can't do it for you Jessie called nick I want you to keep teaching her to wheel herself around until she gets it she isn't allowed to go to anyone for any help of any kind.Jessie nodded and continued to push Carly.Nick snapped mrs mason she just got home and you want to start pushing her now?! Emma she has to learn that just because she's in that chair doesn't mean that her life is bound to that chair plus I'm not going to pity her that's the worst thing you can do it impresses on her that she should be dependent on us for everything.Ok Carly remember put your hands on the spokes and pull hard you've got this now pull.Carly took one pull and the she went forward and forward again until she kept going.Though when she came to the stairs she toppled down the stairs with a thud.oww was all Carly could say.jessie came running down the steps to help her back into the chair.Im fine said Carly pulling herself up into the chair with her knees and hands.when Carly got back up the steps she heard Karen and Katrina knocking at the front door.oh no please get rid of them she ushered Jessie to the door.they can't see me like this I just can't please please please she begged.Ok said Jessie answering the door.Hello she fake beamed I'm Jessica and Carly is very sick so she doesn't want any visitors right now good bye she said turning to shut the door.Who are you asked Katrina in an unfriendly tone.Im her aunt she replied slamming the door in the young girls face.Thank you said Carly genuinely.sure now let's get back to getting you settled First nicks right you need to learn to mobilize yourself so besides wheeling yourself you need to use what you still have..your knees and arms now I'm going to take your cell phone and put it over there your going to have to figure out how to go and get it without my help.Then she took the phone and put it half way across the room.Ok go prompted Jessie.Carly used all her strength to barrel across the room for her phone.When she finally got there Jessie was holding the phone above her head.come on she said to her get it you want your phone get it yourself.As Carly tried for her phone she realized what she was doing she was baiting her so Carly tried again and succeeded.Ok said Jessie find a way to get up into your chair without me getting it near you.She then crawled back over and got upright in the chair.when she got back to her room she watched two episodes of The vampire Diaries and crashed two hours later it was going to be a long week.over the next few days Carly worked double the time to improve her strength.She could now wheel herself around her room and the kitchen (she still had a little trouble with the stairs) she could also crawl a little better but she knew the real challenge was coming soon because tomorrow was her first day back to school which meant facing the fact that this was all real.

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