Fighting chance

Carly mason is the prettiest most popular girl at liberty high school and has everything until one day she gets into a tragic car accident and is wheelchair bound can she survive?

This is my original story


1. Everything

Carly mason was at the vending machine when Cristie cane walked by smirked and said hey loser pick up your you pick up yours she said holding up a condom laughing.soo proves that you've never used one or you wouldn't pick it up like that.mmmmahhhh suddenly Carly was on top of the tiny girl chocking her.Carly!shouted principal Dickinson My office Now!Later when they reached her office she was trying to keep I'm sure you realize that what you did was irresponsible and completely intolerable!assuming your tolerant which you aren't she said with a sarcastic tone.well whatever was said I don't care just get back to class or I'll suspend you right were you stand!when she left dickens office she ran into her boyfriend garret Michael.s'up wanna hang later?I can't she replied I've got cheer practice the afternoon.ok I'll come watch you be there at five he said and with that he left.At practice she was running killer laps wishing she could stop because the sweat was ruining her makeup.Faster shouted coach mills Harder I want to see your legs turn to jelly move it!Carly couldn't think she lost count of her laps and fell on her butt.Suddenly Garett was standing there in his blue hoody watching her then her legs did feel like jelly.hey he beamed that was quite a run you could win a 5K.hey she replied very embarrassed of her fall.Mason! Yelled the coach get your hind end moving or hit the bench! Carly jumped and then sprinted over to the water station got a smart water and chugged it Down.Once she had got changed into her uniform she went back onto the football field were she saw a girl with hand cuffed looking crutches walking onto the field next to her.what do you want? mmmm....the girl became unbalanced.Here said Carly propping the girl upright.after she did cartwheels,backflips,and a combination of exersizes.she went home for Dinner.She put her Mac and Cheese casserole in the microwave and opened herself a coke.Hey bellowed her uncle Nick how's your day? Ok I guess why?I need you to do me a favor your mom is at a convention this weekend for cerebral palsy awareness and I need you to go with her she said she needed a plus one and I would go but I've got a gig coaching the team of union university.Great you get a bunch of sweaty football players and me I get to hang out with a couple of handie capable nerds? Oh come on said nick you've got everything these kids need you could be awsome .The microwave beeped and she took out her casserole.Tell you what I'll give you these tickets I have to five seconds of summer if you cover for me just this once uh?ok fine she said putting a fork into her bowl.I'll go but I'm not going to enjoy it.thank you he replied I'll owe you one.this weekend should be really interesting she thought to herself

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