Fighting chance

Carly mason is the prettiest most popular girl at liberty high school and has everything until one day she gets into a tragic car accident and is wheelchair bound can she survive?

This is my original story


9. Crippled Konoodling

Hello said Carly sweetly but with an awkward you want to go get a Cheeseburger? Um sure Carly mused when? 7:00 said Blake with a soft smile. Ooooh somebody likes you said sunshine faking a smirk. Shut up she just being friendly said Nicole. Friendly my foot she was flirting with him Nikki you should try it some time boys like girls with a little bit of cirumption. What does that even mean? It means you need to take an aspirin and have some fun that and a round of make successions. Later that night at sonic Carly and Blake carried out a conversation about music and foot ball. So you'd still be on the cheer squad and at your old school if you were'nt crippled? Yeah I ah don't get out much these days. She bit into her double cheeseburger with a distasteful expression. Come on he said you've got everything going for you your bloody gorgeous! I'm not I'm just a cripple that's it. No your not your amazing and you don't even see it. Well I'm sure you must feel you know outta place. Ok what's your favorite music? Five seconds of summer is my favorite band said Carly. Will you go somewhere with me if I ask? Where? My new job on north Bay Street. I don't know she answered.

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