Fighting chance

Carly mason is the prettiest most popular girl at liberty high school and has everything until one day she gets into a tragic car accident and is wheelchair bound can she survive?

This is my original story


5. Back To School

Carly was woke up by her uncle nick at five in the mourning.What..? Carly asked sleepy.School was all her uncle nick said and then he left the room.All those nervous feeling came back to her she got up and got dressed in a hot pink tshirt jeans and a cardio jacket with her favorite converse.When she got into her chair she strapped herself in and finished brushing her hair.Carly breakfast called mrs.mason.Carly was no were near hungry. Carly yelled nick get to the table now!Carly groaned but rolled into the kitchen.Here said her mom handing her a bowl of oat meal with sugar and a spoon eat quick we've gotta go snapped nick.Carly reluctantly spooned some into her mouth and didn't say anything more to her uncle.Nick sipped his coffee here nick said Carly's mom have some toast no thank he responded.Carly do you want some juice?Let her get it emma you shouldn't pity her like this she's capable of feeding and getting things for herself.Fine said Carly reaching into the refrigerator.As she poured the juice nick watched her struggle to get the glass up top she fumbled for a minute but then she was able to reach the glass.Nick tried to hide the look of pity he has in his eyes as she poured the juice into the glass and took a sip.ok well we'd better get going he said ushering Carly out to the car.Carly managed to get into the car on her own but when she got into the school she expected to see stares of awkward silence but instead they kept coming up to her say things like I'm so sorry or if you need help getting around I'll be there for you.As she was wheeled to first period Math the wheel got stuck so she let some freshman push her down the hall she got through math then science the day was starting to drain her she thought she would fall over because of the lack of fluids she was getting.She was going to her locker to go and get that cheerleading uniform because she knew she'd have to quite the squad and she was dreding it but something even worse happed Christie was headed her way and she looked very ticked off.So dip head I hear your new set of wheels is treating you nicely ...I wounder how sexy Garret's gonna find your new helplessness maybe he he'll find it endearing or..sad very sad.well he'll certainly be better off with me than with a sucked up slut like you Carly retorted.With all her might christe shoved Carly to the ground she was helpless and vulnerable until one moment.christie you can't do that the girl shouted bending over to help Carly.Nichole she's a handie capped has been don't waste your know what Christie Screw you! You aren't prefect you just have your head soo far up your butt you just can't tell that's what it is said Nichole hitting Christie in the face with her left crutch.the next moment the were in principle dickens do know that the parents are going to press charges against you for breaking their daughters nose miss brickers?! Well said Nichole I'm not going to let my friend get pushed around because she's crippled that's against the law! So her parents can do the same thing! Yes I'm well aware of that miss brickers now you have an IEP am I right? Yes mam she replied.well it says here that you need those crutches to walk right? Yes. Well I'm afraid unless you learn to walk with out them I'll have to expel you seeing today that they became a blunt weapon.Don't expel her please said Carly.She was defending me Christie was egging me on and I took the bait expel me not her.wait ms.mason said dickens you were here just last week and in the same position you want me to suspend you after offering you a plea deal?it was my fault said Carly.

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