Jasmin Noelle Carter has been on her own since the age of 16, she's been through a lot in her life. She lost her twin sister Diana Marie Carter in a house fire, she's suffered abandonment and betrayal from everyone around her. What happens when she meets Liam Payne? Will she open up to him about her past or will she push him away?


1. Introduction

Hello my name is Jasmin Noelle Carter, I'm 19 years old, I work full time in a McDonald's fast food restaurant. I've gone through a lot in my life, I lost my twin sister Diana Marie Carter in a house fire when we we're only 3 years old. I've never told anyone this but, I think it's my fault the fire started in the first place. We were in the kitchen running around and playing when I found a lighter, the curtain caught on fire. My step-dad blames my mom for what happened, she's a drug-addict and an alcoholic. After my twin sister died, my step-dad filed for divorce and full custody of me and my then 9 month old baby brother Alexis Carter.  We moved to a different city away from my mom, at first I didn't understand what was going on I was only 3 years old, what was I going to know. When I turned 9 my step-dad told me what had happened. Then my step-dad became an alcoholic, by the age of 16 I ran away from home, taking brother with me. I left him in a church, telling him I'd be back for him soon. He didn't understand what I was doing. All he wanted was to go home with my our step-dad but, I couldn't leave him there alone. After I left him there, I went to a friend's house only to find out my boyfriend of 2 years was there with her doing something I never thought he'd do. He ended up cheating on me, I felt betrayed. I left her house, it was dark by then, I slept under a bridge. I became homeless but I still managed to graduate high school. I didn't go to college, I applied at McDonald's and was hired. I took full custody of my brother, my step-dad was sent to jail for attempted murder. I have so many things I want to do but, I'm scared to be abandoned again or even betrayed. Then I met him. Liam Payne. The one who turned my life around. This is our story of how we came to be. 

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