Augustus Waters left us three months ago. He was always a selfish git. Now Hazel and I have to carry on with our lives, I blind and She dying.
The fault, dear reader, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.
How ever shall we cope?


1. For Gus' sake

Isaac's POV


This world is not fair. The loss of love, the loss of sight, the loss of life.

A side effect of dying is hurting the ones you love. Augustus hurt us all when he left us, the selfish bastard. It almost broke Hazel Grace.

It's been almost three months since Gus' death and nothing has gotten better. I'm still blind (obviously), Hazel is still dying and Monica is still a bitch. But, what can you do?

Before Gus died, I told him that I wouldn't want to see a world without Augustus Waters in it. I had a lengthy eulogy planned for his funeral, completely different to the one I'd read him when he was alive. It went on about how he'd helped me through the whole going-blind process, and I'd considered relaying the story of the night-of-the-broken-trophies. But I broke down. I couldn't carry on, and I decided that it'd be best to stop where I had.

I hate thinking about his funeral. How sad everyone was. It just wasn't what Gus deserved, y'know? It was like, I expected everyone to be happy in a way - a celebration of life, not a recognition of death. It was so...not Augustus.

Hazel told me she felt the same way. She'd told me all about the Van Houten incident and I'd listened - that's about goddamn all I can do anymore. Listen. And nod. And hope my smile doesn't look like I'm impersonating The Joker, because let's be honest, how would I know if it did?

Hazel keeps me sane, mind you. Although she'll never fill Gus' place, it's so good to have someone to talk to. Augustus was a lucky man.

We've been spending more time together, me and Hazel, since he died. We kind of lean on each other, rely on one another to keep us going. For Gus' sake.



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