Changing and helping lives

These guys are so important to me and you guys I don't know what I would have done without them....! Please read and like this story:)
Also fan me please


1. changing world changing lives

It all started with a group of boys from the UK who didn't even know eachother! They all tried out for the X factor but none of them won until simon Cowell decided to put them in a group just in ten minutes! They sang and traveled trying to win the X factor but sadly they lost:( BUT if it wasn't for us fans who fell in love with them on the X factor and started supporting them they wouldn't be here today at the top of the wrold! We fans have made then change lives an help lives by us supporting them! One direction has helped fans that were hurting themselves and now they don't also letting those fans know there important!! They helped me through hard rough times in my life when there were bumps in the road I just remembered sayings they say like for example Liam said haters gonna hate! And I know they have helped you guys too! I learned how to stay strong because of them!

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