New Girls

Nerdy Karina Justice moves to Malibu and meets Star Liam Payne.Liam falls in love with Karina and also has a crush on Alisha Brown who he cheats on and then goes to Emma Sanario, Karina has a best friend Head Cheerleader Gianna West. Everyone in school wonders why a popular girl is best friends with a nerd. That is because popularity and nerdiness is less important and friendship and love is stronger than anything.


3. Ugh! Boys

Karina's Pov

I'm at lunch and I got pizza and fruit punch while Gianna got a cinnamon roll pizza and water we sat down and talked about our selfs until a cute boy interrupted us "hey nerd I'm Evan and you must be Nerdy McMuffins have a nice day!" He says "just ignore him your awesome!" She says "thx but I need a makeover" I say she has this look on her face WOAH! UH-OH!

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