New Girls

Nerdy Karina Justice moves to Malibu and meets Star Liam Payne.Liam falls in love with Karina and also has a crush on Alisha Brown who he cheats on and then goes to Emma Sanario, Karina has a best friend Head Cheerleader Gianna West. Everyone in school wonders why a popular girl is best friends with a nerd. That is because popularity and nerdiness is less important and friendship and love is stronger than anything.


16. They're Gonna Love You!

Liam's Pov

Today I wanted Emma to meet my friends. We were just 5 minutes away from Austin's house were everyone was.

"Liam" Emma sighed "Yea babe" I asked "I'm scared like what if your friends hate me?" She asked.

I pulled up and got out the car so that I could open the door for Emma.

"They're gonna love you" I kissed her

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