New Girls

Nerdy Karina Justice moves to Malibu and meets Star Liam Payne.Liam falls in love with Karina and also has a crush on Alisha Brown who he cheats on and then goes to Emma Sanario, Karina has a best friend Head Cheerleader Gianna West. Everyone in school wonders why a popular girl is best friends with a nerd. That is because popularity and nerdiness is less important and friendship and love is stronger than anything.


5. Makeover

Karina's Pov

We went to Forever 21, Hollister, Converse, Victoria Secret and Styles after school and bought so much for both of us then when we were done we went to my house so I could get my makeover.

-5 minutes later-

One I was dressed I was wearing a black thong a black bra a purple beanie black nerdy glasses - they were super cute - a white see through shirt so that you could see my bra.

I wore black high waisted shorts glasses from Forever 21 and some hot pink lipstick.

- 20 minutes later -

I got my hair done and curled it I looked hot!

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