New Girls

Nerdy Karina Justice moves to Malibu and meets Star Liam Payne.Liam falls in love with Karina and also has a crush on Alisha Brown who he cheats on and then goes to Emma Sanario, Karina has a best friend Head Cheerleader Gianna West. Everyone in school wonders why a popular girl is best friends with a nerd. That is because popularity and nerdiness is less important and friendship and love is stronger than anything.


24. First Date

Karina's Pov

Yesterday Liam said that he loved me and asked me to be his girlfriend so I said yes.

Today we have our first date. First we're going to the movies to see Think Like A Man 2. Then we're gonna get ice cream and last Liam wants to take me to this place he calls,

'My Lair'.

I went to go shower then I put on a red crop top, black skinny jeans, black boots and white sunglasses.

I had on red lipstick, mascara, eye liner, red eyeshadow and red blush.

I walked downstairs and saw Liam with roses in his hand. He was wearing a red v-neck, black skinny jeans and red high tops.

"Who are the roses for?" I asked him.

"A beautiful girl named Karina Marie Justice" he smiled. "I'm not famous. So how do you know my middle name?" I asked him.

"Because I love you"


We just finished our ice cream and now we're at the secret place. Liam put a rainbow blindfold on me which made me feel like he was about to rape me. He took the blindfold off of my eyes and I saw...

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