Summer Of '09

Niall James Horan knew a girl from the summer of '09 and he wants to go back there every night. That girl from the summer of '09 was Alexandra (Is called Paige) Paige Brooks. They meet again after 5 years of different views over time. When Niall did something with Paige in that summer, will he regret or will he come back home to be with Paige?
If you are younger than 16 but your profile says you are 16, don't read this book. Don't be somebody that your not!!!!! PLEASE DONT REPORT THIS BOOK, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN JUST MOVE ON AND READ A DIFFERENT BOOK PLEASE! THIS IS MY FIRST RATED R. R MEANS MATURE ADULT CONTENT FOR A REASON!!!!!


6. I love You and Always Will

(Niall's POV)

I blocked the door from her closing it and I pulled out flowers. "Paige, its me, Niall." I said and her eyes filled with tears. "It cant be you. The Niall I knew said he would never leave me." She said and I did tell her that. "I did tell you that, and I made a mistake of leaving you. Every concert, I asked if you were there, you weren't. I have loved you for 5 years and just founded you again. Paige, I cant do this again." She looked at me and a tear went down her face.


"Mommy, who is at the front door?" A small little girl said as she came to the door. "Who is this? Are you with someone else?" I asked her and she played with the little girl's hair for a moment. "Niall, this is your daughter, Ana... Marie Horan. Ana, sweetie, this is your daddy." Paige said. I looked at my daughter. "Remember that summer in '09 now, Niall?" Paige asked me and my eyes filled with water.


"Daddy!" Ana came running to me and jumped into my arms. I hugged her tightly back. I looked back up at Paige and she was crying, but smiling. "Paige, I am so sorry that I haven't been the best father that I could be." I said and we were both crying. The boys were standing in the driveway and Ana ran to them so she could meet them. "Paige and Ana, meet One Direction. This is Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis and I am in the band too. Guys, meet Paige and Ana. Paige, these are the guys that helped me find my way back to you, and Louis here founded you first." She smiled and kissed me. "Eww! Mommy and daddy are kissing!" Ana said and we all laughed.

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