no money no family 16 in the middle of miami

It took Megan 3 years and 3 jobs to save up the money.
but she did it, she's now 16 and running away to Miami
but what will happen when she has no money and don't know anyone there? And when she meets Link, the guy she falls in love with ?


4. Plan ride

Megan's POV

The boy i was sitting next to looked about 17, he dirty blonde hair and when i caught a look at his eyes he had really bright green eyes. He was absolutely stunning

"Is something wrong?" when he spoke it was like i was on cloud 9 "What? No, Why?" he had a little smirk "You've bin starring at me for the past 5 minutes"  " sorry"  I turned my head because i felt a blush coming and he giggled, holly shit that's so sexy "Hi im Aaron and the lovely snoring beauty next to me is Link" "Hey im Megan" we shook hands and he slapped Links leg with his other one making him open an eye "Are we there" he had the morning sexy voice boys usually get "No, i want you to met Megan" Another one night stand? Really?" Aaron groaned and turned back to me "Im sorry about that, he's a dick with no heart" "Oh im sorry i have no heart? Is that why i don't have one-" his mouth opened when he seen me, i guess mine did to because Aaron was laughing like a little school girl "HI, im Link" "Im Megan" he reached over and shook my hand "Um im sorry to interrupt this moment but were landing" "Already?" "Yea there letting people on and off, we just landed in New York" Link looked over at me and smiled and got up, Aaron moved a seat over and watched the people get on, i turned over to the window and started to think about what i was going to do when i get to Miami, the i was pulled out of my thoughts when someone landed in the seat next to me making me jump "Oh im sorry i didn't mean to scare you" "You didn't" i smiled after i said that and he smiled back "Here i thought you might have wanted something to drink" "Thanks Link" "Yea thanks Link" 

Link's POV

She was so beautiful when she sleeps, the way her hair falls against her face and how her lips are slightly parted wait is there weird to say about a stranger? She could be 13 or married or something and im only 17, i started to think until i remembered that Aaron had talked to her, i shifted around gently so i wouldn't wake her "Aaron?" "Yes Link" "What do you know about Megan?" He put his book down and turned to me "She's 16, she's going to Miami on a one way she saved up for over the past few years, she's leaving everything behind and what she has in the book bag is all she brought, she has no family or friends in Miami so she will end up on the streets or in a hotel or someone will pick her up, her family don't know she left and last but not least she left her best friend behind who she was in love with" I looked down at this sleeping beauty on my lap and felt my eyes water a little "Link" i looked up and Aaron was looking at me with complete shock on his face "Are you ok?" i just shocked my head and ran my finger along her hair line

Megan's POV

I woke up really hot, i went to take my sweater off but i realized someone was laying on my lap, i pulled out my phone and pointed it down and Link was laying asleep on my lap, i turned and seen Aaron on his side asleep, they both looked really cute when they sleep. I took my sweater off very gently so i wouldn't wake then and i just laid my head against the window and played with Link's hair until i fell asleep again.






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