Is it real

This story is about a girl who has nothing to do all summer but then finds so much to do with her new special friend I do not own any of this and I just found it in my little booklet where I used to write storys and thought I'd write it in here.


3. chapter 3

The next week I go to her funeral all in black to show my respect.ive missed her so much and if that man was here right now I don't know what I would do to him but whatever happened he would be dead by the end of it.I Walk in and see Leo I seem to see him quite a lot now.for the next hour or so I sit there wailing as I say my last good bye to my best friend.AS I get out my mum messages me saying she won't be there for another hour but Leo comes out and offers me a lift home which is the only good thing that's happened this term.Suddenly I see us going past my road so I whisper to Leo and he tells his mum I don't think I can do much talking today as my voice has gone from all the crying I've been doing. As I step out Leo said "remember out history project due in when we go back when are we going to do it?" I just say next Wednesday but for now I think I'm just going to curl up in bed and wonder if this is all a dream.

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