Is it real

This story is about a girl who has nothing to do all summer but then finds so much to do with her new special friend I do not own any of this and I just found it in my little booklet where I used to write storys and thought I'd write it in here.


2. chapter 2

It all started on Tuesday when I woke up got my clothes on jumped in the shower and head off to the library but as I'm there I notice someone diffrent is at the checkout its Leo!as I slowly walk over catching every little glimpse of him I give my book in but as I do I notice he slides a note in.As I walked home I noticed something was different normally these roads are empty then suddenly as I walk down the road the most shocking thing I see is there all covered up by the police I run as fast as I can then as soon as I'm home I run upstairs and cry.why did this have to happen to me?!

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