21. Till the end

Niall woke up eventually, after receiving care from another doctor. He came into the room and just stared at me. Then he saw our daughter and he almost fainted again. 
"No!" I mumbled uncertainly. "Don't tell me you faint from us again?" 
He smiled weakly and shook his head quickly. He came over to the bed and sat on the chair next to me. His eyes were big and he just stared at the baby in my arms. 
"Is it ours?" 
I nodded and smiled at him. 
"Yes, it's a she." 
Niall giggled lightly and met my gaze. 
"Well, then I might be happy with that?" he said teasingly. I laughed and nodded. 
"You have no choice!" 
Niall kissed me quickly and then he gently put up our daughter in his arms. He just stared at her and he seemed unsure if he dared to hold her. 
"She's so small!"
I agreed and raised my eyebrows. 
"She's only a few hours old." 
He smiled big and just stared at me. He leaned towards me and kissed me lightly. 
"You're good." he murmured sweet. "I apologize that I wasn't with you when she came into the world." 
I just laughed at him. For me it was more important that he was there for me, that he stayed with me and that he was faithful. I didn't care if he passed out and I didn't care if he happened to do little crazy things. 
"I love you." I whispered. Niall looked at me again and he smiled rather sheepishly. He didn't have to say a single word. I knew he loved me back, and I knew he was ready to be a father.




The church bells rang and the doors opened. I walked into the church with my dad by my side. I saw all my relatives and Nialls relatives sitting in there and everyone was staring at me. Niall had let some reporters be with us and they took photos of me. I didn't care about them. I cared only about the man who stood at the front of the altar. Niall followed me with his eyes and I saw that he was as nervous as I was. It had been a tough six months, but we had chosen to do the right thing. We wanted that our common daughter Lilly would have a dad and a mom by her side. We wanted to be honest with the world and we wanted to show that we belonged together. It was only about a ring on our finger, but at the same time there were so many other reasons behind the wedding.


"I love you!" mimed Niall when dad left me over to him. I saw that he was about to cry of happiness and I felt the same thing. I couldn't let him go with my eyes and for the first time in my life I was sure. It was he who was the man in my life and it was supposed to be two of us. 


"Do you take ..." the priest talked on and Niall balked. He nodded a little bit and then smiled at me again. 
"Yes!" he replied loudly and he smiled with his whole face. I felt my heart skipped a few extra beats. 
"Do you take ..." it was my turn to listen to the divine. I couldn't bother over the words, but I knew the answer I had in my head. 
"Yes!" I got hoarsely out of me. I felt the tears came. Niall lifted the veil and when our lips met, I couldn't hold back anything. I cried and I sobbed. He was mine!








----The small end----

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