18. The telephone call

Christmas Eve came and went. I sat on pins and needles and I was hoping that Niall would call me. When he didn't call, I realized that maybe he was mad at me. Maybe that Louis had exaggerated and lied to me. I ended up once again in a crisis and I almost ended up in bed. I lay and slept away half the day. 
"I'm pregnant." I told my mom, but the truth was that Niall didn't show up. She believed me and she let me alone. I almost looked me down in my home and through the roof I heard my parents lived on.


A few days before New Year's Eve called Louis my phone. I was scared, I wasn't sure, but I answered the phone. 
"He wont let you go." said Louis. I had begun to doubt that Niall had feelings for me. 
"How sure are you?" 
Louis laughed lightly. Right as it was it rustled and I realized that he gave the phone to another person. Right as it was, I heard Nialls soft voice. 
"Please let me be with you." 
I just sat there on the bed and stared at the wall. He heard me breathe, but I didn't get out a single word. 
"I love you." sobbed Niall. "I love you and I want to take care of you and I'm ready to be a dad." 
The last thing got me anyway to hesitation. 
"Are you ready? A child doesn't want a dad who's cheating or raped girls."
Niall sighed heavily. 
"Didn't you read the paper? I wasn't guilty and I haven't seen that girl before." 
I swallowed. 
"I don't directly read the newspapers anymore." 
Niall seemed surprised. 
"I'm cleared from all crimes, darling. PLEASE let me come and try." 
Louis voice whispered something, but I didn't hear what he said. Niall seemed almost desperate, and I heard that he didn't want me to end the call. 
"I love you." he whispered. "I've been looking for you and I have tried to change. I'm not at parties and I only see you in front of me." 
I hesitated. 
"I'm fat." 
He laughed. 
"I love that you are thick and I love that you are pregnant and I love you, all over you."
I was still unsure and I hesitated. Yet, I chose to give him a chance. 
"But if it doesn't work?" 
He laughed lightly. 
"Then we tried?" he whispered. "I want to try and I wont back down this time." 
I heard Mom and Dad talking in the room under me. I heard that they laughed and I missed the feeling of being completely satisfied. It made me almost cry. 
"Louis knows where I live." I said cool. "But if you so much as..." 
Niall cut me off. 
"I come to you tomorrow!" 
It was as if I woke up. 
Niall laughed. 
"Well, I don't want to wait."


I ran down to my parents, or not run, but I took myself down to them. 
"He comes and we have to clean up." 
Mom just stared at me. 
"Who comes here?" 
I swallowed and I felt tingling throughout the body. 
She stopped and just stared at me. Then she gathered up and nodded quietly. 
"Okay, I'll help you."


We cleaned my entire apartment and I made ​​sure everything was perfect. My mom helped me into the evening and when we were done she laughed. 
"Is it okay now?" 
I looked around and nodded silently. She laughed again and then she gave me a hug. 
"We stay away and promise that you talk to him, really talk."


Louis called me early in the morning. 
"He's at your house around two o'clock today." 
I woke up so I could sit up. 
"In about three hours?" 
He laughed 
"Yes, and he was excited." 
I felt my whole body tingled. Then I looked down on my stomach and realized that he would surely find me unsexy. I was fat, and I looked pregnant, and I was changed everywhere. 
"Take it easy." laughing Louis. "He loves you and he will stay." 
I was startled 
Louis was amused. 
"Who knows?"

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