8. The room

We didn't do more than come over to his room. Niall tore off my clothes and as soon as I was naked, he laid me down straight on the floor. I didn't had time to hesitate before his face was  buried between my legs. His tongue was playing with my area and I cried almost straight out. I took my hands hard against his head and I lifted my hips against his face. Niall just enjoyed and he undressed himself naked. He then sat up and smiled rather sheepishly at me. 
"Damn you are too perfect to be true." 
I didn't care. I pulled him down over me and he laid himself quickly on top of me. I forced him to kiss me again and I forced him to penetrate. Niall kept me so hard in his arms and I felt that he could penetrate all the way fast. I took my legs around his waist and I was like crazy. Niall groaned loudly and he flexed every muscle in his body. He bounced at me and he filled me full of emotions.


Right as it was, he sat up and he forced me up on my legs. He lifted me up in his arms, with his hands under my buttocks. I was fast and took my arms around his neck. I felt how he lifted me up, let me be lowered so that he could penetrate again. I moaned loudly and I kissed him. I felt how he began to moved on his hip against me and I felt that he got all of me to moan. He pushed me up against the wall and directly, I was prepared for anything. Every time he moved his hips, he slammed me into the wall hard. I didn't care about the neighbors and I didn't care about that anyone could hear us. Niall groaned louder and louder. He pressed his fingers around my ass and it hurts. Still, it was wonderful. I took my legs around his waist and I let him continue. He moaned and he moved faster on his hip against me. I heard that it smacked every time he bounced into me and I felt he got my whole body to vibrate. 
"Want to come?" I heard him hoarsely ask me. I didn't know if I would nod or not. He chose to lift me over to the bed. As soon as I landed on the mattress, turned his face down between my legs. I felt his tongue quickly got my clit shaking with excitement. Again, I took my hands over his head and I closed my eyes. Niall let two fingers penetrate and I felt it flowed around them. I was wet and I hadn't felt that feeling before. It was as if I couldn't get enough and I couldn't stop. 


When I came I screamed right out. I pushed myself up against him and I was shaking all over. My legs were shaking even more and I could barely stay still. I pushed myself through the orgasm and as soon as it was over, sat Niall up. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and he penetrated quickly. I saw how he was sweating. Full Niall was red and he held my legs tightly with his hands. He glanced at me and he groaned with his face. His mouth was wide open and he closed his eyes tightly. He increased the pace and I felt him slid quickly in and out of me. I felt that he was tense and he was totally inside each movement.
"Damn!" he yelled right as it was straight out and then he filled me with cum. I felt his cock vibrated and he filled me. He shook and he showed that he just loved the ending to it all.


Niall opened his eyes and he refused to let me go. He held his hands around my legs and he looked down at my body. I smiled weakly and tried to collect myself. I realized that he had come inside me and immediately I thought about when I had had my period. Could I get pregnant now? Niall seemed to have the same thoughts. 
"Damn, I came inside you!" 
I swallowed. 
"Yeah, I know!" 
Niall sighed. He released my legs and got out of me. Then he just stared at me with almost blank stare. 
"I usually don't come so quickly. Sorry!"
What would I say? I was almost ashamed that I was lying naked in his bed again. I tried to take me away from him, but quickly took Niall hold of my hips and held me. 
"Jenny, I'm serious when I say that I wont let you go." 
I frowned. I didn't trust him. He had admitted that he loved sex and what would happen if I wasn't around? Would he choose a new girl and what would that mean for him? 
"You're not ready for a relationship." I said and I was honest. "I wont trust you." 
He grunted. 
"You can go with me on the tour?" 
I shook my head quickly. It was better to finish something that we hadn't begun. 
"It doesn't work that way." 
Niall didn't like my answer. He looked actually praying out and he seemed almost offended. 
"YOU can trust me." 
I laughed weakly. 
"No Niall."
Niall seemed irritated. He left the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard that he turned on the shower and then he stuck his head out the door.
I hesitated, but I chose to obey him. I came into the bathroom and immediately he took me into the shower. I was surprised when he washed me. He took the soap, shampoo and conditioner. He made ​​sure I was clean, and then he looked straight into my eyes.
"Jenny, I've never done this before to a girl. Please trust me."
I saw at his eyes that he believed his own words. 
"How can I prove it to you?" he asked quickly. "I want to prove that I can be anything that you want me to be." 
I left the shower. I didn't want to say yes to him and I didn't want to show that I suffered. Okay I had feelings for him, but at the same time, he had picked me up the wrong way. He had, from the outset proved that he wasn't a normal guy. He wasn't a mother's dream and he wasn't a guy that I could show up to my buddies. He was anything but what I wanted.

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