14. The car

When we were going home that night, chose Niall that he and I would take a private taxi. One of their drivers drove the car and Niall did so that the driver didn't see what we were doing in the car. Instead, he made sure that I sat in the seat and as soon as the door was closed, he sat down on his knees in front of me. He pulled me down so that I was sitting on the edge of the seat. Then he pulled up my dress and began to bite me between the legs. 
"Niall we shouldn't ..." I whined. He knew what he would do. I felt his lips through the thin fabric and I had to gasp for air. Niall enjoyed and he raised my legs over his shoulders. He held his hands tightly around my thighs and his tongue was playing with me. I groaned loudly and took my hands over his head. I realized why Niall had chosen so small and thin panties. I felt everything even though I had them on me and I moaned loudly. When I was almost unable to be calm, he pulled away the pants edge and he let two fingers penetrating. His tongue continued to play with my clit and I closed my eyes. I pressed myself against him and my whole body shook. He let his fingers (pardon the expression) fuck me hard and I moved towards him. 
"Damn Niall ..." I whimpered. he smiled and looked up at me. 
"You like that?" 
I groaned and it was enough for an answer. He allowed three fingers penetrate and I could hardly contain myself. I took my legs around his neck and I moved quickly towards him. Niall continued, and when I almost came, he finished everything quickly. I opened my eyes and looked disappointed at him. Niall laughed and took himself away from my legs. I saw him wash his face with paper and some water. Then he came back to me. He pulled down his pants and placed himself between my legs. He penetrated. I was fast and took my arms around his shoulders. I felt how he started pushing and I whimpered against his cheek. Niall lifted me down on the floor and he laid on top of me. 
"Let us continue." he murmured hoarsely and then he started to move on the hip. I closed my eyes and felt how he started to kiss me again. I held him tight and I moaned loudly. 
Niall stepped up the pace and he bounced against my body. I heard how he bounced against my skin and I felt that I was damp. I vibrated all the way out to my fingertips. I took my legs around his waist and I tried to kiss him, even though it was difficult. Niall was moving harder against me and he flexed every muscle in his body. I felt his muscles over his  back and I almost got excited just by that feeling. When Niall came, he made as previously. He came straight into me. I felt him shaking and I felt his cock filled me with liquid. He screamed almost straight out and he pushed me to the floor.


When Niall was finished, he released me and again slid his face down between my legs. I felt he let his fingers (pardon the expression) fuck me and his tongue teased my clit. I whimpered and I didn't need much more. I hitched throughout the body and the orgasm was like a firework. It explderade everywhere and I was shaking all over. I took my legs tightly around his head, and I felt my muscles enveloped Nialls fingers inside me.


"You like it when I lick you?" 
I frowned and looked down at him. 
"Can you stop using such words." 
Niall laughed and I felt his fingers slipped out of me. He kissed me over the clit one last time. 
"But you love it when I touch you." 
I groaned silently. 
"We should do something other stuff than this." 
He laughed. 
"No, we fit together." he said with amusement. "I know what you want and you know what I want."
I looked down at his face. 
"What do you want?" 
He grinned even bigger and looked down between my legs. 
"I want you."


I blushed when the driver stopped the car and opened the door for us. I saw at him that he knew. I saw that he blushed slightly and he was amused. 
"Quiet about this." murmured Niall to him. He nodded and laughed lightly. 
"Next time, you can warn me Niall?"

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