20. That day

I was surprised. Niall had with him a bag and he seemed to have planned to stay with me. 
"I will celebrate the New Year with my new family." he said and smiled at me. "I already said no to all parties and I'll be here for you." 
He put the bag on my bed and I continued to just stare at him. 
"So you ...?" 
Niall grinned and nodded. 
"You live crowded." he mumbled. "We need to have a house and a children's room." 
I just stared at him. Did he seriously meant that? Had he planned everything?
He opened the bag and I was once again amazed. He picked up the underwear that he had once bought for me. He looked at my body and at them again. 
"Okay, we'll save it for later?" 
I blushed. He picked up my dresses, which I had left with him, and he smiled at me. 
"I saved everything. I didn't forget you and I wouldn't let you go."
The last thing he picked up was a package. He handed it over to me and I saw at him that he was tense. 
"Open it!" 
I sat down on the bed and pulled off the paper. I saw a box and opened it. Inside lay children's clothing and a small teddy bear. I saw that it said: "Dad's darling!" on a shirt and I smiled weakly. I looked up at Niall and I realized he was serious. 
"So you want to be a dad?" 
He nodded. 
"The best father in the world!"


I felt his lips against mine. He pulled me down on the bed and he lay down beside me. Our lips were mad at each other and I groaned lightly. 
"I missed you!" I honestly presented. Niall looked straight into my eyes and he smiled big. 
"I know!" 
I frowned. 
"How can you know that?" 
He grinned and let his hand slide down to my stomach. 
"Louis told me and your mom said you missed me." 
I smiled and I couldn't care what others had said. I was surprised when his hand slowly pulled down my pants. 
"Niall I'm pregnant?" 
He grinned and let his hand come inside my panties. He caressed me over the most sensitive part. 
"I read that you can have sex until the end." 
"You haven't changed?"
He grinning. 
"Yeah, but I'm still crazy about you." 
He kissed me again. Two fingers penetrated and I spread my legs. I felt how he once again got my whole body shaking, but this time he took it gently. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I took my arms tightly around his neck. Niall groaned and he quickly pulled down his own pants. He then pulled off my and ended the kiss. He sat down under me and between my legs. I felt how he pulled my legs up over his shoulders and then penetrated. 
"Damn ..." I mumbled. "Are you sure that we..." 
Niall laughed and nodded. 
"I have read everything related to pregnancy to do." he groaned. "I have finished reading a book on how to give birth, so I know everything."


Afterwards we just lay in bed and held each other. I loved to feel his scent in my nose and I loved to feel him close to me. It was as if all the pieces were in place and I belonged with him.




Late one night I woke up over that it began to hurt in my stomach. Niall was snoring. He was sound asleep and I wondered if I would wake him up. I felt that the stomach was really tense and I realized that it was time. Gently poked me on Nialls back. 
He whacked slightly. I almost pushed him out of bed. There came a ache and I was almost panicking. 
"Niall baby wants out!" 
He woke up right away and he sat up wide awake. 
I smiled weak and groaned. 
"It's time, the baby want to come."


I don't know how to explain what happened? Niall panicked and he flew out of bed. He quickly got on his clothes and he took out the bag, which I already had packed for the big day. 
"So taxi or should I take you or your father...?" Nialls eyes were wide and he just stared at me. "Where did you have the list?" 
I grinning. I had written a list of what we would think of before we went to the hospital. Niall had carefully read through it and I had thought he could read that from his memory. 
"I must have clothes on me?" 
Niall flew away to the closet and he picked up my clothes. He laid them on the bed and got me up on the legs. 
I grinning. 
"Help me get the clothes."


When we were ready, Niall run down and out of the house. He drove the car to the door and then he came in to help me down. I had really sore and by that time I could barely move around. Niall almost lifted me down the stairs. We heard that my parents had woken up and mom appeared. 
"So it's time?" 
I nodded and smiled at her. Niall kept me hard and he got me to down to the door. 
"She will give birth." he said with panic. "She needs to be at the hospital and we have packed your bag." 
Mom laughed. 
"Niall, take it easy." 
Niall shook his head, but he saw at mom she was serious. 
"I have to do a lot and I have to ...." 
Mom sopped us and smiled reassuring at him. 
"I can drive the car,  you don't look like you could handle it."
Niall nodded weakly. He realized that she was right.
"Sure, but you have to drive her now."


As soon as we got to the hospital, they showed us into a room. I had to change clothes and I was put in a bed, which was made ​​to give birth in. Niall sat next to me and he looked like a madman. His eyes were wide open and his face was pale. The doctor sat down under me and he looked if I was open between the legs. 
"It takes maybe a few hours." he said and then smiled at me. "But it looks good and the baby is strong." 
I nodded and smiled. Niall did the opposite. He just stared at the doctor. 
"And how sure are you that the baby is okay, I mean I've read that children can die and children can be damaged during childbirth." 
The doctor just stared at Niall and he stood up. 
"It's going to be fine."
I agreed. I looked at Niall and I tried to be calm. 
"We have to trust them sweetheart." 
He nodded and smiled weakly at me. 
"Sure, but I'm afraid they can't see that the child could be damaged?" 
I smiled. 
"Niall, they have given birth to so many children here that I'm not the least afraid." 
He bit his lip and frowned. 
"But if something happens?" 
I grinning. 
"Then we'll get help!"


Eventually it was time to push the baby out. I was really hurt and I felt my whole body ached. It felt like a melon would come out of me and I had to take in. 
"Come on!" the doctor said and smiled at me. "Do it and push out the little fellow." 
Niall gulped and he held my hand tightly. 
"Beloved, I wish I could trade places with you." 
I couldn't answer him for the moment. I brought in and I squeezed with the whole body. Niall was startled and stared down over my body. Right as it was, he passed out. I had no time to bother me and another person had to take care of him. 
"Push it!" I heard the doctor say again. I did and right as it was, I felt something slipped out of me. I felt my body pushed out slightly and I was almost surprised when it was over. 
"Congratulations!" someone said cheerfully. "You have given birth to a daughter."

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