1. prologue

He came out on stage with confidence. He knew what the fans wanted and he did everything so that they could get it. He showed how he moved his hips, he showed those eyes that could get anyone to die. He was confident, he was the center and he saw that many were prepared to go over the fire to get him. Niall gave everything and he knew the fact that he did a lot of girls happy. He sang for them, and he moved his body. He flirted with Harry and he was preparing the network to be filled by Narry-moments. He did everything so that their fanfiction would be more content-filled. He did everything that the fans wanted to see, and he loved it.


I stood at the front of the stage. I screamed and I did like everyone else. I did everything to catch Nialls attention. I shouted that I loved him and I waved my arms high in the air. The guards had work to do, to keep us away from the stage. 

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