7. He wants

Niall had arranged place at an expensive restaurant with VIP rooms. The room we sat in was well hidden from everyone else, and no one could have imagined that we were there. Niall made ​​sure I sat down and he ordered everything that was to be eaten and drunk. 
"I don't drink wine." I mumbled. "I'm to young." 
Niall didn't care. 
"You are with me, and then you can do whatever you want." 
I frowned and noted that a bodyguard stood outside the door. I felt again like a prisoner. Niall saw who I looked at and he didn't seem to care. 
"I always have bodyguards when I'm on the move." 
I looked at him. 
"That's great then you have someone to hang out with." 
He laughed and shook his head. 
"But he can't do much with me. We play football and poker sometimes. That's all."
I looked at Niall and frowned. 
"So you have me with you just for the sex?" 
He quickly shook his head and poured the wine in my glass. 
"No, sweetheart. You are a wonderful friend as well." 
"Friend?" I was inquiring of me. "We met yesterday and you have no idea who I am." 
He smiled and poured the wine in his glass. 
"That's why we're here. I will give you a chance to get to know me and I get to know you." 
I wasn't still at his level. I fought against him and I wasn't going to let him get to know me. 
"I know everything about you." I mumbled. "Niall Horan, from Ireland with One Direction and you pick out girls to take to the hotel." 
Niall laughed and he put down the bottle. 
"Please, sweet darling, it's not about that part. This is about more."
I looked straight into his eyes. 
"So tell me, what is it about?" 
Niall smiled with satisfaction and sipped some wine. 
"It's about I give you a chance. I'm not going to let you go so easily and some day you will thank me. I can see that you get the job you want or that you will come on the finest places."
I sighed and rolled my eyes. 
"So everything is about you? I don't want to have a job because of you." 
He was so confident that he didn't care about my opinion. 
"Jenny, believe me!" almost whispered. "You'll thank me one day"


The food was delicious. I drank wine, although I wasn't sure about that part. Niall made ​​me relax and when he had paid the bill, he looked pleased. 
"Now you will hang with me to another place." 
I just stared at him. 
"You promised, just a dinner and then nothing more." 
He took my hand and pulled me up from the chair. Then he pulled me out of the room. 
"Darling, you have no choice." 
I frowned and followed. 
"Stop calling me darling." 
He laughed and looked amused me. 
"But you are my darling, my little heart." 
I didn't like it, but I chose to remain silent. It didn't matter what I said to him. He decided everything.


I wasn't surprised when we arrived at the hotel. I realized that he constantly was ahead of me and he managed to get me to come along. But we didn't go to the hotel room. Instead, he pulled me me to a private party, in the hotel basement. There was all that worked for One Direction and they had a party with loud music. Zayn was the DJ and Harry was standing behind the bar and made drinks. Niall laughed and looked at me. 
"What did I tell you? You'll have fun."
Louis stood and flirted with new girls and Liam was in another corner and held on. I saw that Niall didn't care about them, but he pulled me to the bar. Harry seemed almost surprised to see me next to Niall. 
"She again?" 
Niall gave Harry a cold look, a warning glance. I knew what that meant. Harry had expected that Niall would bring a new girl and not me. 
"Two." Niall mumbled cold and Harry nodded. He blushed slightly and poured two beers. He placed them in front of us. 
"Niall?" I mumbled directly. "I can't drink beer." 
Niall laughed and he gave me a quick kiss. 
"Well, here you can drink. I promise that no one calls home to your mom or your dad and telling them that you are mischievous." 
I blushed. 
"I just meant that..." 
He kissed me again, just to make me quiet. I felt his arms around me and he pressed himself against me. I couldn't stop to answer the kiss and I took my arms around his neck. Niall gave everything and I felt his tongue slide in between my lips. He knew what he would do and he did it so well. He ended the kiss and smiled at me. 
"Tonight, you just relax." 
I nodded and blushed. He released me and made ​​sure I took the glass in my his. I sipped the beer, but I felt resistance. I shouldn't.
"Don't be a wimp." Niall mumbled amused. He took my hand and pulled me to the sofa. I sat next to him and tried to blend in. Yet there were many who seemed to stare at me. 
"Everybody knows who I am!" Niall said cheerfully. 
"I understand that." I mumbled and met his gaze. "And they know why I'm here?" 
Niall quickly put his hand over my mouth and he became serious. 
"No, you have misunderstood everything. Come on and stop bringing up that art all the time."
I nodded and I promised myself not to nag. I drank the beer and looked out over the room. Harry had begun to flirt with a girl and I saw that the guards let young girls come in to the party, for the boys' sake. Niall seemed not to care about them and he took his arm around my shoulders. One of the girls still came up to us and giggled. 
"Niall and can I get an autograph and a photo?" 
Niall smiled and he stood up. I saw that he wanted to be nice, but still it cut inside me. That day Niall got a girlfriend, I would feel sorry for her. She would imagined that Niall was cheating the whole time and she would never trust him.


I drank the beer and slowly lost my common sense. I relaxed and I let Niall hold my hand, kiss me and flirt with me. I didn't resist and I agreed that he pressed himself against me.


Right as it was, he pressed me against him and he held his arms tightly around my body. I felt his lips against my ear. 
"Please stay tonight." 
I had my arms around his neck and I felt that I still couldn't thought about it like the normal Jenny. I had completely lost my inhibitions and my standards. 
Niall smiled and may kissed my neck tenderly. I felt his tongue and his soft hot lips. It was as if I let him steer me towards his direction and I didn't resist. Niall held me in his arms and pulled me towards the exit. I saw that no one cared, no one looked after us and eventually landed my back towards the elevator. Niall pushed the button, and then he kissed me intensely.


When we were inside the elevator, pushed Niall me up against the wall. He lifted me up and I took my legs around his waist. I felt how he pressed his boner against me and he was so intense. His lips were demanding, his body hard and he kept his hands under my butt, because I wouldn't slide down from him. I responded to the kiss, and I felt that he made ​​me let go of everything. I moaned and I wanted more. I wanted Niall and he wanted me. He moaned loudly as he began to rub his hard thing between my legs. I felt his pants bulged out and I realized that he wouldn't accept no for an answer. I didn't want to say no, I wanted to say yes. I moved into his pace, and when the elevator sounded, we was on his floor, he let me quickly down. We almost ran to his room.

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