10. He can't decide everything

The aircraft landed and a car waiting for me. I got to the hotel in the evening and immediately met a woman me in the door. She took me quickly into the hotel. Outside stood the fans and reporters from various newspapers and TV channels. I almost shook my legs when she took me to the elevator. After me came another person with my bag and I felt almost silly. 
"They're back in an hour." she said, and pressed the elevator button. She gave me the room keys and gave me a tired look. "You can go up to your room."
I chose to just nod. She smiled and made ​​sure I got into the elevator. 
"Niall knows where he can find you." 
The doors closed and I was left alone with my bag. I looked down at my legs and I saw that I was shaking. It was as if I wasn't ready for this yet.


I understood that I didn't share the room with Niall which made ​​me relax. I put the bag on the bed and went into the bathroom. I took a much needed shower and I put on clean clothes. It felt nice to get clean, and then I stood by the window. I looked out on the street and saw how the fans were waiting for One Direction. I realized that I wasn't better than what they were. I stood and waited for Niall, but I should have stayed at home. Home I did know anyway what would happen and I could do whatever I wanted. Now I was locked up in a hotel.


There was a knock on the door and I was quick to open. A bodyguard stood there and he smiled at me. 
"Niall's back." 
I frowned. 
He laughed and pointed down the hall. 
"Rooms eight hundred and ten." 
I didn't understand what he meant, but realized it was Nialls room number. 
"Can't he come here?" 
The bodyguard looked at me again and he seemed surprised. 
"Yes, but Niall asked me to tell your where he was and he told me to get you." 
I peered out into the hallway and I understood  that Niall was testing me. He wanted me to obey and I didn't give up so easy, he would just get more power over me if I did as he wanted. 
"If Niall wants to see me, he may come here."

It didn't take more than fifteen minutes. Niall knocked hard on the door and when I opened, he didn't look happy. 
"Why are you so difficult?" 
I smiled. 
"It's great to meet you too." 
He sighed and walked into the room. 
"Seriously, Jenny." 
I closed the door. 
"Niall, I'm not a valet who will come as soon as you snap your fingers." 
He sighed a little bit and it seemed as if he understood. 
"You could have said it in my room?" 
I shook my head. 
"No, why?" 
I saw at him that he was happy to see me, but he hesitated. I realized that he wasn't used to girls said no or didn't do what he asked them to do.
"It was you who wanted me to come." I said confidently. "Then it's you who should meet me up and say hello." 
He agreed and seemed to relax more. 
"Sorry, but I ..." he paused and then smiled. "I missed you, actually." 
It tingled lightly in my stomach. I realized that I was really happy to see him. Niall looked good and he was dressed in normal clothes. I saw that he had showered and he seemed to have cared about how he looked. 
"I understand that." I replied. I didn't want to make him confident again and I wanted to prove that even girls could decide. Niall laughed and took my in his arms. He hugged me gently. 
"Thank you for coming!"


Niall was hungry, so he chose to take with me to the hotel restaurant. He ordered in food and there were few people there. I saw at him that he had much to tell, but he seemed to hesitate over what he could tell. 
"So how's the tour?" I asked to start something. Niall smiled and looked at me with bright eyes. 
"Good!" he said. "It's sold out everywhere and the fans are like crazy." 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Well, I met some fans outside the hotel." 
He raised his eyebrow. 
"Yes, I can't help that they want me all the time." 
I sighed. 
"You can invite them to your hotel room?" 
He agreed and looked at me with a knowing look. 
"But I don't want to invite them. I've got you."
I was startled and just stared at him. Niall laughed happily and he seemed to mean every word. 
"Why do you think I paid for you to come here? I can get sex more cheaply." 
He leaned across the table and took my hand. He looked straight into my eyes and he made me shake. 
"Jenny, I mean it." 
What would I say? I puffed out over the food came out and instead of saying anything, I started to eat.


When we had eaten Niall pulled me to the elevator and I could feel my legs shaking. He pressed the button and smiled at me. 
"You are silent?" 
I hesitated. 
"I honestly don't know if I can trust you." 
The doors opened and we stepped into the elevator. He chose the floor and he didn't released my hand from his. 
"That's why you're here. I'll prove that I'm not the guy you think I am." 
I was impressed, I was flattered and I could do nothing but blush. 
"So why me?" 
He met my gaze, and he looked straight at me. 
"Because I like you. You look good, you have temper and you dare to say what you think about everything. Few people say no to  me and I like when you do that."

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