6. determining

I managed to land in reality. I showered and then I did so that I got food in my stomach. I only lived in a small apartment, but it felt like home. I had the bed and TV in the same room. I had a fairly large kitchen and a toilet where there was a washing machine and a regular shower. I had been trying to get the apartment to feel bigger and I think I succeeded. Anyway, I sat down on the couch and watched TV. It felt good to be home and actually tried to collect myself. It felt as if all that had happened with Niall only was a dream. I simply had to swallow that he had taken advantage of me.


I was almost going to fall asleep when the doorbell rang. I was surprised and wondered who it was. I was almost shocked when Niall stood outside and part of me was almost angry. 
"Don't you ever leaving me alone?" 
He laughed uncertainly and went inside. He got past me although I didn't wanted to let him in. He smiled and he tried to charm me. 
"How did you know where I lived?" I realized immediately how. "So you really looked through my bag?" 
He nodded and closed the door for me. 
"I tend to always be sure to get the information I want." 
I frowned. 
"But you were only looking for one thing? What do you do here?"
He giggled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. It was like he didn't care about what I felt. 
"It's you who imagined that part." 
I was close to say something mean back, but he took me fast in his arms and without waiting, he kissed me. His lips were soft and I felt that he again took control. He finished it and smiled at me. 
"I may happen to be curious about you?" 
I blushed, but tried to hide it. 
"Are you such against all the girls you bring to the hotel?" 
He shook his head fast. 
"No, only against a certain girl." 
He released me and walked uninvited into my home. He almost seemed like rummaging through everything and before I had time to say no, he had seen my room and my kitchen. 
"Cozy home you have."
I was still standing in the hallway and I just stared at him. 
"I don't have time to..." 
He walked towards me and grinned. 
"No, maybe not, but you will eat with me today. You promised to accompany me out tonight." 
I didn't want to, but I realized he was right. 
"You would call me first?" 
He nodded and raised his eyebrows. 
"I thought it sounded so boring to just call and I knew you wouldn't answer." 
"You don't have my number." 
Niall quickly took up his phone, pressed on it, and grinned big. I heard my cell phone began to ring. I frowned and he hung up. 
"You see, I know everything!"


I had to go with him. I could never get him to leave me alone and I was convinced that he was just looking to fuck with me again. A car was waiting for us and drove us to a select resturant. 
"You'll have fun." Niall said and he looked at me with a knowing look. I just sighed and gave him an angry face. 
"After dinner, I will go home and then you wont have to see me again." 
He laughed. 
"I just like you more and more. You're such a girl that I don't understand." 
I snorted. 
"Was that a compliment?" 
Niall nodded with satisfaction and he didn't let me go with his eyes. 
"You're not used to that guys flirting with you?" 
I snorted again. I don't know why but I imagined that he understood that I was angry. 
"I'm not used to guys taking me to the hotel and ..." 
Niall quickly put his hand over my mouth. 
"The idea was that we would meet." he whispered. "What happened was wonderful and why look back on it as something stupid?" 
I yanked his hand away. 
"And how many girls have you brought before me? Fifty?" 
He laughed and it seemed like he was even more amused. 
"I haven't had that many girls. And what does it matter? I like sex, I like naked bodies and I love to test myself forward." he looked at me. "And I liked what we did and I like to hang out with you, because you aren't like a single girl I was with."
I wasn't flattered or impressed. 
"You haven't heard about to be faithful?" 
He grinning even more. 
"Who should I be loyal to? I have no girlfriend yet and why sit and wait a big boner? I like to explore and I love to enjoy while I can." 
I didn't care. I didn't like the feeling in my body and I didn't trust him. 
"One day, you get tired and then I stand there like a fool. I wont let you to experience that day." 
"That's great!" he smiled. "Who said I'll make you feel like you failed?" 
I gave him a quick glance. 
"Because you're that type of guy who just does what you want and you don't think about other people's feelings." 
He laughed. 
"Jenny, you don't know me. Once you have given me a chance you will change your mind." 
I sighed. 
"And why should I give you a chance?" 
"Because I'm Niall Horan!"

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