What used to be of you and me

When you think that everything is ok and you have everything life decides to say fuck you and ruin it but you never know the power of love and loss


3. the bus ride

Steph usually sits alone on the bus ride to but not today...

Today she walks out and Tyson was right there just standing acting so innocent and they got on the bus and he followed but he was on the bus to along with his friend kade, but instead of sitting with kade, Tyson decided to sit with Stephanie... She was suprised she got off at the next school he got off at the one after her. They sat there on a moment of silence and suddenly he looked at her and just smiled, she didnt know what to do so she smiled back, they reached stephanies bus stop and got off, trey tripped her in embarrassment she ran off the bus, she heard her name but she kept running but Tyson caught up and gave her a hug he held her close she tried to struggle out of his grip but he held her closer and tighter then she had ever been held before he again whispered in her ear

"Stop struggling I will never let you go... I promise"

And with that she held him.

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