Miles Away - Poetry Collection

Poetry Collection by GeorgiaT


10. Wanderlust



I’ll dance at night through the market
And pluck up jade from the stalls.
I’m summer burnt and sand blasted,
My skin peeling off my neon back
In sheets.

I’ll trip tip toe on the coastal rocks
And dip my fingers into white crab houses.
Their blinking eyes pop through the windows
And the old ones twitch their curtains.

I’ll be full of native lingo
And I’ll teach you how to sing. 
I’ll be barefoot and black soled
Hearing lady-talk and
Knotting orange feathers to my ear.

Wet bodies thump their scales against my toes
While I dangle a foot in the sea.
I’ll tickle the bellies of sharks
And they’ll smile at me with their goofy
overbite grins.

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