Miles Away - Poetry Collection

Poetry Collection by GeorgiaT


8. Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Sinking knee deep into the restaurant bins
His knobbled brown fingers wipe off the
Seafood gravy.
Blue china patterns green.
Smuggling the plate between his chest and shirt
He keeps it whole, the round crock cool against his belly.

The craggy spires ride high against the sun
Fractures of light
Glow against the five wounds,
Lingering on the wall between gypsom bones.

On the edge, a sweeping neck holds
The curved head of a babe
Hanging like persimmon under the plaster branches.

The pale tree roots
Rest; wrapped round the carapace shell.
Rounded pillars climbing thick into the sky,
Turtles all the way down.

The white porcelain treasure
Broke clean against his chest.
The tiny blue flowers cracked and broken.
It covered the brown coat tails in dust.
His last work, his last piece, his last thought was
A rim of blue petals to set on a roof spire.



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