Saving You

What will happen if the 5 most notorious spies in the world get the task to train a young girl with a lot of problems. Can they save her and turn her into the best spy ever, or will she fail and lose not only her life but also her new friends? Read to find out!


4. *Chapter 3*

Present time

Juliette's POV

They all just stood there smirking at me until the curly haired one spoke up "welcome Juliette" he said slowly with a british accent. I was looking straight into his eyes and hoped that he wouldn't notice how frightened I was. I gathered all my courage (which wasn't much at this point) and said "what do you fuckers want from me!" The black haired one started laughing but immediately stopped because I flipped him off. "Listen up you trash" he growled. "We're here because we don't want an young girl like you to drown in such a criminal environment, but if you want us to fuck off than we will. Good luck dying!" He said harsh. "What my friend Zayn here is trying to say is that we want to save you from the people around you" the blonde haired one said, you could tell he was Irish because of his heavy accent. "Well if you self proclaimed heroes like to introduce yourself, you won't hear me object" I said. "Oh yeah right lets eh... Start with that huh?" The dude with the blue eyes and brown hair said confusing himself "My name is Louis Tomlinson" "And I'm Harry Styles" the curly haired said, "I'm Zayn Malik" The black haired said, "I'm Liam Payne" the dude with the brown eyes and the brown hair, "and last but not least" I said looking at the blonde haired. "I'm Niall Horan" he said. "Well nice to meet you guys, but I'll have to go now! You know buisness is calling and I don't want to keep it waiting!" I said while trying to open the door. Of course it failed, why would they leave it unlocked? I thought to myself. Idiot Juliette Idiot! "Whoa sweet cheeks, you aren't going anywhere" Harry I think it was said. "Uhmm yeah fuck you! I'm going home, so if you would want to kindly open this door I will leave" I said getting frustrated. "But juliette your training has just begun!" Louis laughed. Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?

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