Saving You

What will happen if the 5 most notorious spies in the world get the task to train a young girl with a lot of problems. Can they save her and turn her into the best spy ever, or will she fail and lose not only her life but also her new friends? Read to find out!


3. *Chapter 2*


Harry Styles' POV

The boys and I had just finished another succesfull mission, we had to steal back a precious diamond that was stolen from the national museum in londen a few days ago. A team of utter idiots had stolen it and tried to sell it, like one of the most rarest diamonds on the planet would just get sold unnoticed. It was a rather easy mission but the only catch to it was that it had to happen within 24 hours so the museum could prevent the story from going public. Us being the badass team we are ended the mission without any trouble an the diamond was safely back in its display box in the national museum in London. But enough about that let me introduce myself, my name is Harry styles if you want to know more about me, well I'd have to kill you if I told you more about me. You see I'm a secret agent, but unlike other agents I don't work alone I prefer working in a team. My team consists of five persons (myself included), we were handpicked by the man who gives us our orders. Let me introduce my team;

Liam James Payne, the technician. He can hack into any security system in the world and not get caught. He's gotten us into so much building and offices that we lost count of them. The fastest he's ever hacked into a system was 30 seconds and that was his highschool security system.

Niall James Horan, weapons expert. He can get us the best of the best in fire arms and bombs, from full bomberplanes to landmines just name it and he can get it for you. He learned how to arm and unarm a bomb when he was 13 years old.

Zayn Javvaad Malik, combat expert. Just name an attack and he can do it for you, he may look calm and concentrated on the outside but if you anger him you won't see it coming. He knows over a thousand different ways of killing a person and has a black belt in every martial art known to mankind.

Louis William Tomlinson, the assassin. We don't really know where his cold bloodedness comes from because he isn't much of a talker but he will not hesitate to pull the trigger on somebody, he always is on guard and is always ten steps ahead of the enemy. He can sneak past every person on this earth without them ever noticing and if they do? Well lets say they won't be able to tell anybody about it.

About a year ago we started following this little girl in NYC, her mother was killed due to unpaid debts and her father isn't in the picture anymore. After 2 months of us personally shadowing her every move we lost her on our radar and just forgot about her over time. Until about a week ago when we had gotten a phone call saying she was located by the NYPD and going to be arrested on the grounds of Drug dealing, Illegal possession of a concealed weapon and Gang-related buisness. We wanted to personally wanted to meet her so we flew over to New York  as soon as our mission ended. Right now we are waiting in a abandoned storage facility a couple miles west of NYC to meet her. We heard a car pull up to the building and a couple minutes later we heard yelling, the boys and I shared an amused look as we straightened our faces and pointed our attention to the turning doorhandle. The door jerked open and the girl was thrown into the room, as she sprung to her feet she looked me straight in the eyes and immediately recognised me. Fear flashed through her eyes as I pulled my face into a smirk and said "Welcome Juliette."




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