Saving You

What will happen if the 5 most notorious spies in the world get the task to train a young girl with a lot of problems. Can they save her and turn her into the best spy ever, or will she fail and lose not only her life but also her new friends? Read to find out!


2. *chapter 1*


Age 14

Juliette's POV

I've been on the streets alone for 3 years now, dealing crack, I've been kicked out of the house a week after the man chased me. I was lucky a friend of my moms wanted to take me in for free but he isn't as nice as I thought he was. If I don't do what he sais he beats me up, but it's worth it because I've got a place to sleep.

2 weeks later

I was standing on my usual dealing spot, I reached in my left pocket to feel if everyting was still there. As soon as I felt the bags with little rocks of crack I sighed and I rememberd how I got into this mess. I reached down into my right pocket and instantly felt the cool metal of my gun, a new 9 mm, I calmed down knowing I could protect mysel if things went wrong. All of the sudden I feel a hand on my shoulder, my reflexes kick in and I turn around with the speed of light ready to attack whoever touched me. As I look into the face of the person I notice it's a man. He looks very pale and has red rings around his eyes, obbiously a addict, "what do you want?" I hiss. "I-I want 20 grams" he stumbles out. I laugh at him "and how do you think to pay that? Look at your clothes, they look like their straight out of a trash can!" "I'll just pay with this!" He says while pulling out something. In a split second I recognise what it is, the silver linings and the clear letters NYPD, a police badge. Shit! I think to myself, as I dash away I can hear the man chasing me. "Stop this instant you thug!" He yells at me but I just ignore him and keep running. I ran through an alley and as I come to the end of the alleyway all my hope vanishes. In front of me are at least 5 policemen all holding me at gunpoint. "Stand still, put your weapons on the ground and put your hands behind your back!" A man yells. I do as said not seeing a way out of this and pull my gun out if my right pocket and throwing it to the ground and putting my hands behind my back. Almost immediately I feel the cold metal of handcuffs around my wrists and start trembling with fear. Not knowing where I'm being taken I get pushed into a police car.

Ten minutes later we arrive at a building that doesn't look very police-y. It more looks like a warehouse where my gang and I go to handle unfinished business, yeah you heard that I'm in a gang we kill people that don't pay up becsuse we can. "Follow me, there are some people who want to meet you" a man barks into my face "and if you try to run" he took a pause to put a smirk on his face "well lets just say, the last ting you'll see is a bullet heading ino your brain." I nodden not wanting to piss him offand followed him into the building. He stopped in front of a room and turned to face me "they're in here, you better do what they say or else you will leave this building in a bodybag you hear me punk?" "Yes dude I heard you the first fucking time you spat it in my fucking face!" I snapped at him. "Calm down or you won't even get the chance to open that fucking door!" He yelled at me.

I opened the door and gasped at the sight in front of me. Five teenage boys from around the age of twenty were in front of me. Everybody in my world knows them, they're one direction the best spies the United Kingdom has to offer.

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