Have you ever wondered what hell looked like?or who was in charge? Tasha always had,she was the type of girl who stayed in the shadows,until she met Tasmin,the princess of the flames,aka,her twin sister!


1. Tasha

Tasha sat in detention and thought to herself,just thoughts,all wandering around her brain "does Cameron really like me?" "What should I get Izzie for her birthday?" "Does mrs Davis have to grumble on about how naughty everyone is?" "Hmmm that your detention over for now,get to your classes...WITHOUT RUNNING CAMERON!

"Sorry miss"he said cheekily,"hey, Tash"he continues,when Cameron calls her Tash,she gets the most crazy butterflys,and often forgets that other people exist!"yeah Cameron,sup"she says with the most confidence she can muster "well,I ummm,just wanted to ask you..."Cameron seemed nervous as well "...if you wanted to come to my birthday party,everyone in the year group is coming?"yeah,course Cameron,ummm,here is my number,so that you can text me the details"Tasha said"and here's mine,if I forget just give me a ring"continued Cameron,they exchanged phone numbers and left.

oh my god,Cameron just asked me to his birthday party and I've got his phone number,she thought to herself,as Izzie and Kate ran up to her"so why were you in detention?"they asked "oh,graffiti(Tasha had a rebellious streak that came out from time-to-time)but I have more exiting news than that..." "What what?"they both screamed,so she continued "Cameron asked me to his birthday party and I've got his number"she barely whispered but the girls heard alright,they were screaming and congratulating her when the bell rang,signaling end of break.

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