Have you ever wondered what hell looked like?or who was in charge? Tasha always had,she was the type of girl who stayed in the shadows,until she met Tasmin,the princess of the flames,aka,her twin sister!


2. home

Tasha got to the house,"dad,I'm home" she shouted/sang, "ok honey,I'm in my room if you need me"he shouted back,Tasha lived alone with her dad,her mum had left when she was only A few days old but she had seen photos,her mum looked just like her,fiery red hair,green cat-like eyes and much more,Tasha decided not to tell her dad about detention,he would only worry, "dad,I've got homework,I'm in my room, ok?" She asked "Course" her dad replied,Tasha walked into her room and held back a scream because,sitting on the edge of her bed was her mirror image,an exact replica of herself,sitting,smiling,and sitting some more,slowly,Tasha backed out of the room,ready to shout for her dad,the mirror images face turned sour "I can explain just don't give me up to the police,don't you want to know why your mother fled?" Tasha stopped

"You know my mother?"

"OUR mother!"


"That's right"

"Are we twins?"

"What do you think?"

"Where do you live?"

"With mother"

"Yes but WHERE?!"

"Just let me explain the whole story"


So the girl explained "hello,my name is Tasmin,my mother is Lacey and I live with her,my father is Thomas,I don't live with him,my twin sister is Tasha,I don't live with her,have never seen her before and am standing in her bedroom,when we where born Tash,mother had to go,she was leaving us with dad,but when she got to her...'destination',she found out that she had a stowaway aka,me..."

"Wait,where was her 'destination'? Tash asked

"Ummm,let me finish"

And that's exactly what Tasha did

"Anyway,she figured that she couldn't send me back so I stayed,I became princess of the flames and mother became the queen,she has never re-married,she loved dad to much,she ruled a lonely queen,and now there is crisis where we live,you are the only one who can help,you complete our plan"

"But the destination?" Tasha asked,still curious

"Please don't be terrified,ummm...hell"

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