The Half centuries

A group of fifty people. Who murder for a living. Rose has been there for years but when a tragedy strikes what will she do?


3. Chapter 3

~~When I woke up I wasn’t in my tent or on the slum floor. I was in Jack’s arms shivering in my coat. I couldn’t believe that He had waited for me to wake. For me to move. For me to wake from my slumber. Oh no… then I knew why. I looked in front of me and in ruins was the slum. The place I had called home for years. Gone. Just like that. I couldn’t hold in or fight back the years of pain and tears I had been holding in. I cried and cried for what seemed like years while Jack carried me away.


When I realised I was never going back to where He had first led me I started wondering. Asking questions. Wondering. Why are we here? What happened? Are we ever going back? And all the answers I got were I don’t know! Go away! All I could think of was the mirror where I realized that I looked like the girl. I looked like her. But the thing was I had lived being thrown from foster family to foster family my whole life. I didn’t have and siblings. Well I thought I didn’t. I ran away. I needed some time to myself. Jack saw me go but didn’t try to stop me. He knew I’d be back. I knew I’d be back. As I slowed my pace I reached the town centre. I walked along and searched the ground for anything. Money wise. All the money we had earned has been lost. We had nothing left. Nothing. I kept walking and looked around. I was outside the news station. The TV was displaying the week’s news. Up on the TV was that girl. The one I was told to kill. The one I killed. I ran back to where Jack said he would meet me. On the lamppost was a note. It wasn’t named so I read it. I wish I hadn’t. I slumped down and cried. I couldn’t believe what had happened. The note… The last piece of Jack left. I couldn’t believe it. The note read

   Dear Rose,
I love you. There’s no doubt about it. But I knew this crime would come and hurt me later on. I’ve been sentenced right on the street to the death penalty. For killing innocent people. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you myself. I’m longing for a last kiss from you. I’m not supposed to ask. You are only 16. But will you marry me? I love you, I will miss you. You will be the last thought in my mind before I die. I love you
Jack x

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