List of Things I Have Never Done

There is a long list of things that Skylar Adella Harrison has never done.

But Fred and George are determined to change that.


1. Prologue

                     List of Things I Have Never Done by Skylar Adella Harrison.

1. Rode a broom – She could quite literally break her neck and die.
2. Received a detention – She has never done any wrong and she wouldn't want to.
3. Got drunk – She could do something crazy or hurt herself.
4. Said anything bad to about someone directly to their face. – She wouldn't want to hurt anybody, that's just… cruel!
5. Lost my temper. – She wouldn't want to say anything she didn't mean when she was angry. That was her brother's job.
6. Handed in my homework late. – It could be important! It could seriously affect her reference!
7. Missed a lesson. – It could come up in an exam, like the time when she was sick during Potions and she missed Calming Draughts.
8. Had a boyfriend. – Boys take up too much time and would most probably distract her!
9. Kissed a boy. – She could be bad at kissing. She could be called Saliva Girl or something if she did it wrong.
10. Had sex. – wait scratch that- Been out after curfew. – That one is sort of self-explanatory.

She should have known from the second that Fred and George Weasley waltzed so courageously into her life that they would be the ones to tick each and every thing off her list as easily as slipping dung into Filch's office.

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