I got of of the psychiatric facility I had been locked into for a few months, and started thinking. Then I wrote. This is what became of it.


6. Grief

What is grief? What kind of overwhelming sadness can make you numb? For me, the biggest grief, I have ever felt, was when I was mourning the loss of myself. When I realized that I could never go back to who I once was. That I could never get my innocence back. That feeling of inexplicable emptiness. As if my heart had been broken so many times, that all that was left of it was a smoldering deform piece of what was once so stable. Like my blood didn't flow anymore, like it had just dried out, and left me running on fumes that were quickly disappearing. Like everything had been stolen from me, but all doors and windows had been locked tightly, so I had no one to blame but myself

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