Friends to fame.

(Not famous in beginning) Emili and Destiny Have known Niall, Liam, Zayn, harry and louis for many year now, But what happens when The boys go off to the X Factor and never come back.......but then....... you will have to read to find out


1. getting to know us

    Okay I am Emili and I am 17 years old I have blond hair and I have blue eyes and I have known Niall, Liam and Louis for 16 years now.

Hello my name is Riley and I am 16 and I have brown hair and green eyes and I have known Emili for 16 ears and we are like sisters.

Hello I am Louis I am 20 and I have brown hair and green eyes and I am like Emili's brother.

Hello I am Liam and I have brown hair and I am 17 and I have brown eyes and I love Destiny I always have she is just so hot I love her so much.........Um okay this awkward.

Hi I am Zayn I am 18 And I have Black hair and brown eyes and I have A secret crush on Emili. 

Hi i am Harry I am 17 years old I have brown curly hair and green eyes.

Hello I'm NIall and I have blond hair and blue eyes and I am 17 years old. 

Louis and Eleanor have been dating for 5 years now and THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!  


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