Friends to fame.

(Not famous in beginning) Emili and Destiny Have known Niall, Liam, Zayn, harry and louis for many year now, But what happens when The boys go off to the X Factor and never come back.......but then....... you will have to read to find out


5. Emili and Zayn

         After the first scary movie Niall wanted to watch another scary movie so we did.

"No, I don't want too watch another one!." I yelled.

"It's fine babe I'm right here." Liam said and slid closer to me and put his arm around me. I looked up at him and kissed him.

    Emili's P.O.V

         Zayn pulled me out of the basement and into the living room and sat me down on the couch.

"Emili, I have to ask you something." he said not looking at me.

"What is it Zayn." I said.

"Um... I... Like you....." He said. the inside of me exploded with happiness, but I was normal on the inside.

"I like you too Zayn." I said. He looked up at me and smiled.

"I have been wanting to do this ever since I met you." he said looking into my eyes.

"Wh......" I was cut off by his soft lips pressed against mine, I kissed back not wanting to leave from this spot. Then he pulled away and smiled So did I.

We should go back down." He said.

"Yeah." I said, then he took my hand and lead me back down the stairs. Once we got there we saw Riley asleep in Liam's arms. Everything was going prefect. Me and Zayn sat down in the bean bag chair that was in the corner. Then Louis looked at us and smiled, Then came over and sat by us.

"So, uh what's going on here." Louis said We didn't saw anything we just showed him our intertwined hands and smiled.

"Oh." He said. and looked at me and winked. I started to blush.

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