Friends to fame.

(Not famous in beginning) Emili and Destiny Have known Niall, Liam, Zayn, harry and louis for many year now, But what happens when The boys go off to the X Factor and never come back.......but then....... you will have to read to find out


9. A day out With Niall]

    I looked over at Niall who was smiling.

"So where are you taking me." I asked.

"To the carnival, It opened down the street." He said.

"Thats cool thanks Niall." I saidand kissed his cheek. He turned bright red. I couldn't help but laugh. We got there and walked in.

"So what do you want to do." I asked him.

"What ever you want to......." I cut him off.

"Oh My Gosh. THAT IS ADORABLE." I screamed. Niall walked over to the booth. It was the popping balloons one. He gave 5 dollars for 20 darts. He gave me 10. I popped 6 and he popped them all he got the animal. It was a soft leopard with a really long tail. He handed it to me/

"Thank you." I said.

"No problem." He said.

"Now what do you want to do." I asked.

"We should ride this." He said pointing to the rollercoaster in front of us.

"Um I don't know Niall." I said.

"don't worry I will be by your side the whole time." He said.

"Okay." I said and we walked to the Line. It was soon our turn and of course Niall went to the front. It started moving and I already got scared. I wrapped my arms around him and smashed my face into his side. He laughed.

"Ow." He said pouty. I looked up and smiled for a second then looked back down. After it was over we walked out.

"That was horrible." I said.

"It wasn't that back." He said.

"Tooo yooouu." I said.

"What time is it." He asked. I took out my phone.

"about four." I said. Then I saw A giraffe stuffed animal Niall's favorite.

"I will be right back." I said and walked off.

"Here you go." I said handing the carni 5 dollars. it was the ball toss one. I got the giraffe.

"You have a good arm." He said giving me the giraffe.

"Thanks I got it for him." I said pointing to Niall.

"Oh is he your boyfriend." The carni asked.

"Um no, Just friends." I said.

"Oh that's to bad you to would make a cute couple." He said. I smiled.

"Thanks." I said and walked off. I walked to Niall and smiled.

"What." He asked and chuckled. I pulled the animal out and he smiled really big.

"AWESOME." He said I laughed. 

"We should ride the farris wheel." I said.

"Okay." He said an we walked off to the farris wheel. We got on and started moving.

"So, Nice view." Niall said.

"Yea, I can see the lake." I said and looked over at him.

     Niall's P.O.V

          Riley looked over at me and her eyes sparkled.

"What d-do you want t-to do at the lake." I said staring in her eyes.

"Um. I don't know." She said. "What do you want to do." She smiled.

"I thought we could just walk and talk." I answered.

"Sounds great." She said. We got off the farris wheel and walked to the lake.  

"So hows dating Liam." I asked her. She looked like she was going to cry.

"Um.. He broke up with me this morning." She said. I gasped.

"I am so sorry I brought it up." I said and hugged her.

"It's fine, I am having a better time with you any way." She said. I smiled.

"Do you want to come over to my house after words." I asked her.

"Yea sure." She said. 

That's how the hole lake went then we went to my house and watched a movie and she got tired and fell asleep in my arms.

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